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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Joy of Daylight Savings Time

I love Daylight Savings Time! There is something about daylight savings time that makes my heart sing. To me it really signals the end of winter. The sun is up later in the evening when I get home, I have some time outdoors before the sun goes down.

I feel like opening the windows and doors and changing out the air, raking the yard and getting it ready for plants, or kids toys, or dog toys. It doesn't matter if there is still some snow on the ground, rake around it!

 I want to spring clean and shake out the old dust. I want a pedicure and to dust off the flip flops.
I know, officially, it's still winter and in New Hampshire. We can still have snow, lots of it. But its been a mild winter and we've had only 2 snow storms all season so I'm feeling good about the end of winter.
Basket of flip flops
We've been cleaning, and re-arranging furniture and changing the air in the house (I even turned off the heat during the day). I like raking around the snow, doing laundry (oh man has there been laundry) and putting out the deck chairs and sharing a cup of tea with Hubby and enjoying our lives.
Deck chars and snow shovel, what wrong with that?
I love playing with grandkids and giving myself a pedicure. I've been up early and sleeping well.  How about you, does daylight saving time change what you do?


  1. I wish I could say I love it, but I don't. It might have something to do with being so far in land. I know in a couple of weeks we will settle in. I just dislike getting up when it is dark (right now it doesn't get light until 7:45) and in the heart of summer going to bed when it is light (it doesn't get good and dark until 10:30.) Anyway, I sound like a grump, so I think I will go have a cup of perk me up!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I love the longer daylight but am having trouble going to bed so am waking up feeling ugh. Loving the warmish weather too...we had a fire in the firepit on Sunday afternoon and it was heavenly.

  3. Finally, someone who loves DST as much as I do! ;-)

    I love spring. And we had the perfect spring day here ... perfect!

  4. I just put away our snow shovels too. We only used them twice this winter. I too love the daylight. The sun always makes life seem brighter.


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