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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good by Winter and Hello Spring

Nothing says SPRING like a ice cream sunday made with Diet Moxie and Low Carb Vanilla Ice Cream.     What a treat it was to have this considering it was still Winter up here. Well, winter is a funny term because it was in the high 70's and I was spending this past weekend doing this.
Yes, I was outside getting my toes warmed up by the sun. It was a perfect weekend. Warm and overcast on Saturday which was OK by me since we had so many stores to run around to and on Sunday, sun - warm- wonderful!  The dogs played together and played with their toys (well- August played with toys, Becke sun bathed) and played with the grand girls and by the end of the weekend they did this.

On the last day of winter we opened up the grill and grilled cubed steak and grilled cabbage. I found the grilled cabbage on Pinterest and you can see the directions here. Here was our verdict on the meal:
YES, we will have this again! Really, cabbage with bacon and butter! Can it get any better than that. Love the low carb eating and yes, it was really good.  Next time, I'm cutting the cabbage into 4 and get a bigger piece!  
Love this weather - how about you - how did you welcome Spring or say by to winter?


  1. I spent the last day of winter working in my daughter's landscaping. The previous owners had the landscaping crammed full (I should say, overfull) of stuff, not all of which was to their taste. So we spent the afternoon digging out stuff (salvaging the spring bulbs ... hopefully they'll be transplantable). Whew! Hard work ... my body is feeling the effects of it today! And it was a nice day and a day with my daughter and the Ts ... worth every ache and pain today!

  2. I said goodbye to winter outside enjoying an 82* day! It is crazy as it feels like we went straight to summer!! The kids ran and played all afternoon and I soaked it all up.

    Lovin' it!

  3. That meal looks delish and boy would I love a float. Love the pictures of your pups and of course your beautiful toes. Have a great weekend.
    I am loving the low carb diet. I don't feel deprived at all. Happy Spring to you!


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