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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hodgepodge Time: Out With Winter and In With Spring

1. Did March come in like a lion or was it something less ferocious in your neck of the woods?
February ended with a snow storm that just continued into March where I stayed home and watched it all come down.

2. Speaking of lions, which one's your film favorite...The Cowardly Lion(Wizard of Oz), Mufasa (The Lion King), Elsa (Born Free), or Alex(Madagascar)? You may notice I left Aslan off the list. Including him would have made this question way too easy for many of you.
Wizard of Oz - paws down!

3. What's your favorite spot from which to view the sunrise or sunset?
Right outside my door. Ever see the sun rise as it peaks out at you through the trees? Beautiful!

4. To what extent is knowledge power and to what extent is truthpower? What's the difference?
This is sort of like the right thing to do and the legal thing to do, are they the same? No, they are not, and so it goes with knowledge and truth.  Knowledge is power in that it informs our ability to fix something or to make a choice about something (like which road to drive down to sight see  and which road will get you someplace faster). Truth is power in that it enhances your knowledge by informing your ability to defend your choice or which path to take for your health. Knowledge that was untrue would be an detriment.

5. What's something peculiar you've seen recently?
Not long ago, it was pretty cold up here but one day I saw a man in shorts and a winter coat coming out of a store!  Really? If it's so cold that you need the winter coat then you need to wear long pants too!!!

6. Bottled water...your thoughts?
Yes, there is bottled water.  Oh did you mean do I like bottled water, then that would be yes.

7. What's your strongest sense?
Since I wear Bifocals it sure isn't seeing. Since Hubby says he repeats statements to me it can't be hearing. Since I don't do spicy foods, that takes taste out of the running. So that leaves touch and smell both are pretty strong. If I pick just one, I'll say touch because I love the feel of fabric and I do pass my hand over counters to feel how clean they are. What, doesn't everyone do that?

8. Insert your own random thought here.
We still have snow on the ground due to a storm last week but low and behold Spring is popping up and reaching for the Heavens.
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  1. oh my! snow! ...I hope you all are staying warm and cozy :) Love your sense of humor =)

  2. I'm constantly running my hand over my kitchen island. I clean it constantly and am always surprised to find more crumbs : ) Spring is coming!

  3. Y'know, now that you mentioned the guy in shorts and a winter coat...obviously I couldn't think of anything for my response so went with being a bit 'smart a$$' ---but really, speaking of styles and fashions these days, I ask: "What's up with wearing pjs and slippers to the grocery store or shopping? I've seen that quite often these days.

    My Wednesday post link: White Pelican 'chit-chat'

    Hope you're having a terrific day!!

  4. I think wearing shorts in cold weather is a guy thing! I see it all the time, but rarely do I see girls doing it!

  5. I see lots of kids around campus wearing shorts with winter coats and even boots! I can only say: WHY?

  6. My teenage boy is one of those silly men who wear shorts in the winter. I keep asking him WHY? but haven't gotten a good answer yet...

  7. The sun was peeking through the trees this morning, casting a beautiful pink/purple tint on the sky. It was beautiful!

    I'm so happy that spring is on its way!

  8. Don't you just love how our senses fail us, a little at a time...Oh the joys of getting older!

    Shorts in winter--that would be my brother, but I don't think he wears a coat!

    There's nothing more exciting than those first sprouts appearing :)

  9. Great answer to #4. Love the snow pictures!

  10. Enjoyed reading your answers. I am all Wizard of Oz too! I'm back from my trip and trying to catch up.


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