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Monday, December 13, 2010

Week End Review: The Christmas Outfit Count Continues

Saturday's Outfit # 16

Well this was a wonderfully quiet weekend.  Saturday was full of  food shopping, walking Becke, and picking up a few things here and there. The rest of the day was working on the quilt for the new baby.  I made this outfit years ago and was a size that I liked. I'm so glad it still fits.

Sundays Outfit # 17

Sunday we had an ice/sleet/freezing rain mix that kept us home from Church in the morning. Parts of the state's highways were closed because even the salt trucks were going off the road. It turned all into very heavy rain in the afternoon.  We didn't have our grand daughter so I sewed, cleaned, cross stitched and stayed dry. Watching the national weather service, we got the calm weather! Looks like the middle of the country got really creamed with heavy snow! Thank you Lord for keeping us safe and dry.   How was your weekend? Love the weekend when I can watch a movie, sip tea and reflect on how blessed I am.

Monday's Outfit # 18

Today the roads are back to normal as the temps are in the 50's today!  I'm waiting in this picture for the morning coffee to be finished. Hubby makes the best coffee! This is another of the growing number of shirts that no longer fits! Oh My!  Have a great day.



  1. Originally we were supposed to get snow on Sunday morning....it was almost 50 degrees. Crazy! It did pour down rain though which is not nearly as festive!

  2. We had snow - a couple of inches, heavy winds, and now very cold temperatures. Brrrrr

  3. Can't believe you have so many Christmas tops!!!
    So how do you decided what to wear on Christmas day?

  4. I like how you take your pictures of your tops in different parts of your house so we can see your decorations :)

    Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend; glad you got spared some of the tough weather other parts of the country had! We had a nice weekend with 85 degree temps!


  5. We lucked out on the big snow. It was north of us. We ended up with about 4 inches and then lots of wind. So much that Megan's school had a 2 hour delay.

    Glad that you had a relaxing weekend!


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