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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday: End of Spring Time.

Joyce has been very busy with life (we all have that happen at times right?) And yet, she has come up with this weeks questions for us all to have fun with. Thank you Joyce.

1. What is one thing on your bucket list? If you don't have a bucket list let's pretend you do.
I really want to travel more, in the USA but also want to see Nigrura Falls from the Canadian side. I've seen the American Side.

2. What makes a good dad?
Laughter! My husband has the best sense of humor and so he see funny in EVERYTHING. Our kids have this gift and believe me it's a gift. But other things are needed as well. Things like play time with the kids, helping them with homework, taking them to a ball game, time spent with the children. Showing love to the wife and mother shows children what it is to be part of a family and to show love to the wife and mother of children allows those children to know what to expect in there own marriages.

3. Are you afraid of insects? Which ones?
Up where we live, there are no poisonous insects so they can't kill me unless you count the heart attack they give me when I see them. I guess spiders are my biggest fear. I have woken up my husband to kill a spider in the shower so that I can get ready for work. Oh Yes I Have. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to spiders.

4. We're barbecuing...what's on the grill at your house?
Chicken, steaks and veggies. I'm a simple girl.

5. Do you believe that playing is more important than winning?
Yes. I'm a little of both. I love to play but if I don't win sometimes, I will quit and walk away. I don't mind a challenge but if it's too hard, it's not fun.

6. Do you tan? Use self tanners? Visit tanning salons? See your dermatologist at least once a year?
I only tan if I go to the store and bye "Tan-In-A-Can". You know the stuff you spray on and pray it doesn't turn orange or peel off. I have gone to a tanning salon but it was for the heat and heeling power of that heat against my arthritis and yes it works. I have not seen a dermatologist in years!!! When I have my physical if I have a concern I show her and she decides if I need to see one or not. So far, it's been NOT. I do sit in the sun, but it never really takes.

7. Five years ago I would never imagine that today I would_______________.
I saw this question on Marla's face book page and I thought it was perfect for the Hodgepodge. Everyone go say hi to Marla...she has an E-book launching this week.
Have grandchildren here in NH. I was not sure our daughter would ever have children, so it was a great surprise to find out that she was going to give us a grand baby. Now she has given us 2! I am on cloud nine!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Spring has been a bit of a downer here, we have had a few nice days and a few really nice and hot days but most of it has been damp, very cool and gray. I wonder if Summer will be better, it starts in 5 DAYS. I wonder if I can fit into the swim suite?  No photo on that one people...


  1. Grandchildren...now that would be wonderful! I'm with you on the spider thing too. I've had my husband or one of the girls to kill one for me many times. haha

  2. I count myself lucky to have been to Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. We went on a band tour about 24 years ago and we visited there for a day and a night. It was probably the most stunning scene I've experienced and would highly recommend a trip on the Maid of the Mist to see it (well, get wet) close up. Good luck with getting there!

  3. I will send you some 'hot' weather your way. We have been in the high 90's for the past week and a half-and it isn't summer yet!!!
    Grandchildren do make a person smile!!!

  4. Totally agree with #7, and LOL on swimsuit pics. None here either.

  5. I kind of gave up on spring and we're in to full blown summer. I forgot summer hasn't officially even started yet.

    I want to see Niagara from the Canadian side too...I've heard its even more beautiful than the US view.

  6. You can tell I'm from the south, I didn't realize that Niagara Falls had a Canadian side! Never too old to learn!

    I agree with your description of a good dad.

    Nothing more special than "grands", the more the merrier.

  7. I just realize you have a count down for fall, too cute! I know of more people who do not like spiders. Can't quite figure that one out. bugs don't bother me, but creatures that slither (obviously lizards or snakes) or those that dart by too fast (mice/rats) do me in.

    I've never seen either of the Falls but my mom/dad went there on their honeymoon, I remember her talking about how magnificient they were!

    I always like playing, its okay if I lose, I just like playing, that is always fun!

    have a good weekend!



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