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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The House of Many Colors: Minus a Color

Back in October we needed to replace our garage door and though we would have time to pain the bottom of our house so we ordered the garage in the new color.  Then it rained, and snowed and we never got to it so all winter and most of spring we had the house of many colors.

So we started with this
Hot Chocolate Brown, Mustard Yellow, Celery Green (Trim) and Burgundy Wine (Shutters) A lot of food groups here!

Then went to this
YUP Added Forest Green garage door!  

And thankfully we now have this!

Gone is the Brown and on is the Forest Green. I like having one less color on our house of many colors. And yet I like having more than one color.  We are a colorful couple, our house needs to be as well.  


  1. Oh that snow!! Isn't it great to see the green green grass? Enjoy your fresh paint...jobs like that feel good to have done!

  2. Whew! That was a lot of painting. It looks fantastic! ~Wendi

  3. Well, I for one could have done without a reminder of all that snow we had last winter - ha! Seriously though, good looking job on the house! Bet that feels good to have that done. ;-)

  4. Very nice. Great job on the paint.

  5. I liked all the colors on your house; glad you got it to be what you want it to be though!! and I'm sure you are glad there is no snow on the ground for this weekend!



  6. Hi Lynn Marie,
    Fun post. I think that's neat that you are a couple of many colors. I had never thought about giving myself a mini reward. I think that's a great idea! I will have to give it some thought. By the way, you didn't mention what your mini rewards are. I would like to know.


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