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Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Review: A Reward and A Challenge

Friday night Hubby took me to The Lobster Boat so that I could get my 1200 mile reward - a Lobster Dinner. I had planned to rewarded myself with a lobster dinner if I made it to 1200 miles on the 400 Mile Challenge. I didn't think we were going to do this soon because of Hubby's work schedule but he took me here. Ice Tea with extra lemon and an appetizer to share started off our meal. 

This was the medium! The waitress, Mary, told us the large comes with a warning! I believe her!

I mean look at the size of these!  I only had a few and they were really good, we took home what we didn't eat.

My meal - Lazy Man's Dinner. I don't like to fight with my food so the whole bib, and nut cracker thing is not for me. A side salad completed the meal.
Hubby had the chicken tenders - he's allergic to fish!
After dinner we headed out for dessert, at a soft serve place not far from the Lobster Boat. 
A small Peanut Butter Soft Serve was what Hubby and I had.
Becke had a Kiddie cone in a dish, it came with a dog cookie which she gobbled down while I was trying to get the camera focused!

I was asked to show off the new body now that 35 pounds are gone and the belt I wear really does hold up the pants so here it is. I don't do this much, I'm pretty camera shy! But I told Anu that I would so here it is for her. She can shut up now. Love ya!!!

I know my shoulders are up to my ears!! Told you I was camera shy. Still, since I'm in my late 50's, not bad at all....

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So what's next? Well, up till now, I have moving forwarded in increments of 400 miles and that has felt comfortable, I am jumping out of the comfort zone and will shoot for 2400 miles by December 31 2011. That is really a reach for me as summer with it's  breathing issues are lurking as summer gets closer. In fact Summer starts in a mere 7 days! With my allergic reaction I didn't do as much as last week, but I still managed to do a total of 66.44 and a grand total to date of 1253.27.  I only rode the stationary bike once this week, my leg just hurt too much. So a lot more weights, and yard work and a painting project that is really working my arms!   Do you have a personal challenge? Don't give up, take a break if you need it (or if your doctor tell you to) and then continue. Don't just stop, get back to it. You will be stronger, wiser, better and feel prouder for it.  


  1. Bravo for you! You deserved that lovely dinner, and more. You look great, by the way :)

  2. You look FA-A-A-A-A-A-ABULOUS! Really, Lynn Marie you make 50-something look great! I promise I will shut up now about pestering you for a skinny photo. Just lovely! What color is your hair? Can't tell if it's blonde or red. With you, it's always different!

    Brava for you on achieving yet another goal. I'm so proud of you, but not in the least surprised. You inspire me to keep going to Zumba classes huffing and puffing through it all.

  3. You look maaaaaaaaaaaarvelous!

    DH & I both love, love, love onion rings, and those look especially good. I haven't had lobster in many years, but seeing yours has made me hungry for lobster! (I too would order the lazy man's lobster! ha!)

    Now on to the next challenge!

  4. you look great!! looks like a fun time for your reward!! good luck on your 2400 miles! I think you can do this!!



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