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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Review: And the 2400 Mile Challenge

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My personal challenge is really moving along, we may be into summer but up here in NH as Hubby says  "Summer is Optional" It's been in the 50's, damp (as in it rained for 4 days) and down right raw. While I was shopping on Saturday I couldn't help but notice that most people were in light jackets, or sweat shirts. There was only 1 guy in shorts and flip flops and goose bumps - serves him right. Oh he was about 15 years old so a teenager (you know - no brain engaged)!  With all that going on outside, I was inside riding the stationary bike, doing step aerobics and dancing off inches and managed to complete 73 miles! That's right 73 miles between the bike, stepping, painting projects and just plain walking. So my year so far is up to 1400 miles. I love the look of that! Have you seen the movie Knight and Day? Well if you haven't, you should (if you like action movies and I do) One of the things that is really great is the sound tract, down load it, put on your headset and go for a walk, you will walk a whole lot faster than ever. That is really one great sound tract! Or get on the treadmill with it on. 

Hubby complete the garden fence by putting on the new gate that will keep unwanted critters out.

We can get in there to work on the garden but keep the little critters out-and that does include Becke who loves the smell of the tomato plants. Don't know what she is thinking by trying to eat the flowers on the plant but that is not what I want her doing. I love how easily it swings open and closes. He did a great job putting that fencing up. Thank you love!!

Speaking of our garden, it's coming along nicely. Most things are up but none are ready to eat. At least we have not had to weed or water much at all this year. I thought one night we might have to cover it because it was going to be cold but I forgot to and they survived.  

Our peas are starting to climb up and reach for the sun! I'm looking forwarded to enjoying these soon. 

Since Becke can't get to her tomato plant any longer she has decided to splash around in her pool instead. This is by far a better choice! Yup - mama approves, splash away.

The cabinet for the kitchen is just about done. I decided I wanted a better topper for it so hubby has the wood and will work on that. He put the handles on and I quickly put the "Good Dishes" inside.

There is a story behind those "Good Dishes" which I'll tell you about one day.  

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. I can't wait to hear the story about the "good dishes".

    We had to give up a garden because our dogs would eat the tomatoes. Never occurred to us to "fence" it in. All our neighbors have had to install "fences" around their gardens to keep the rabbits out.

    Way to go on the 1400 miles!!

  2. Wow! Your exercise is going great! Mine's a lot slower, but at least it's going up some. Love your fenced in area for the garden and the picture of your dog is so cute. Looking forward to hearing about the dishes.

  3. Lynn Marie, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments in regards to all that we are going through with my mom. I like your Triumph and Tears graphic...it sure sums up the ups and downs I've felt over the past couple of weeks! Blessings to you!

  4. I love your cabinet! I'll be waiting to hear about the "good" dishes!

  5. hope you guys get some warm summer weather before the snow descends on you again! how cute Becke likes the pool and tomato flowers! As always, you do great with your exercise!


  6. Hi Lynn Marie,
    Love your new china cabinet - looks terrific! So does Gerry's fencing of your garden. The pic I like best of course, is of Becke in her own above ground pool.

    Thank you for your advice on my quest. I hope to be sending up fireworks of my own this weekend to celebrate! xox Anu


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