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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh No! Not Again???

Remember when I had some kind of allergic reaction to my thumb? Well it happened again only this time I know what I was reacting to. Well I think I know what I'm reacting to.

Can you make out the outline of the bandaged? Boy my leg looks fat when the camera is so close to it taking such a flattering shot!    So here is the story: I had a itch on my leg and found myself scratching it so I got up and put on this:

Notice that it says "Latex Free"

Well, after a few hours my leg was itching again and so I took off the bandage and saw this:

Yes, the ankle is swollen! So am I allergic to the Latex Free Bandage or the Itch Relief! Since I have the shape of the bandage I'm going with that.  Anyone else allergic to Latex Free bandage's? What do you do then, when you need a bandage?   This is what I am doing now.
Hoping this stops the itch and keeps out any germs. It's also a different brand, just in case you know. And I got Maximum Strength because it was the same price and figured for the same price, I want the stronger stuff.

This will also fight infection - well that's the plan anyway.

With nothing to stick to my skin, I shouldn't have a reaction, right? RIGHT?

This bandage sticks to itself so again with nothing sticking to me I hope there is no reaction!

So to all my readers out there, ( all 4 of you) any ideas on what else I can do?  I am also taking 4 meds to help with allergies. A pill, a nasal spray and two different  inhalers to keep my lungs open so that I don't have a full blown Asthma attack. I love Spring!! It still is Spring right? 


  1. Oh my! I hope your new course of action clear it right up. ~Wendi

  2. I don't think it's spring any more ... at least not here, where it's been 95-100 degrees for a week or so now. But my allergies are still giving me fits, so I don't know what to think about this weather. ha!

  3. It looks like you have all the bases covered. I would just recommend that if it spreads or gets worse to please see a doctor. Don't want infection to get into your system.

    Praying you are all better soon.

  4. I've had problems with these bandages too! I had a really bad reaction to them, at first I couldn't imagine what was causing it as I never dreamed I could be allergic to band-aids. I hope your leg is much better soon!

  5. My goodness! I hope your leg feels better soon.

  6. No suggestions except as Lorie says, see a Doctor if it doesn't clear up soon. I have problems with bandages sometimes too, but never that bad. Take care of yourself. Hope it's better real soon.

  7. Now that is different. Most people are allergic to the latex! Sorry about your injury.

  8. I just sent you an email, Lynn Marie...hoping the reaction has gone way down! Sorry to hear about that!

  9. Hi Lynn Marie,
    I've had the same reaction to the same "Latex free" band-aids.

    When I absolutely have to have a bandage on, I use Nexcare Waterproof Clear bandages. But the crazy part of this is that these bandages contain latex, yet I rarely react to them. Nexcare also makes a latex-free Heavy Duty Flexible Fabric bandage which you could try.

    But what alarms me is that you've wrapped your leg with (what you and would call vet wrap) which is made with lots of latex!

    I would suggest removing that wrapping and keeping your gauze pad in place with the ribbed cuff from an old sweat sock. Cut off the foot part of the sweat sock and you'll have a cotton tube which you can easily slip over your swollen ankle to keep your gauze pad in place.

    And if your injury looks any worse, yes, you have to go see a doctor!

  10. Katie - I got your email and thank you so much. I sent you a reply. Anu - good idea I have a sock in the laundry room whose "mate" got eaten by the washer so I will use that smarty pants. No wonder you are so smart I miss you!
    It looks a lot better but will keep an eye on it just in case... The weekend is coming and I don't want to have issues over the weekend. Thank you all for your good wishes

  11. oh wow! that is a reaction for sure!! glad you could kind of pinpoint what could be causing it!!
    Do take care of yourself and get into the doctor if you need help with this or any other allergies you are dealing with! By the grace of God, I'm spared of allergies, but I know lots of people have so many problems with them.



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