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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Review: 400/800/1200 Mile Challenge

I sure hope you all had a great weekend, I sure did!  Friday night after work, I put the weed block around the raised beds in our garden. Hubby did a great job making the raised flower beds. Saturday evening the plants went into the ground. It hopefully will be a good year for gardens! I want to put hay down over the weed block and maybe some mulch around the plants to help keep the water in. But for now, I'm very happy!

The fence around the garden will help to keep the wildlife  away.
Saturday, during the day, our church had it's annual "Give Away Day". Think of a really big yard sale without any prices!  Our men did a great job moving so many items to people's homes. Furniture, appliances, TVs, clothes, computers, office furniture, Christmas items, toys, and I kid you not even a kitchen sink and cabinet's were all given away. Many wonderful people came to give new homes to all the stuff. Also we had a Bone Marrow Registry so that people could sign up for that very noble work as well.  Once I got home from there, I started on the new project; turning our old kitchen cabinets into toy storage for our grand daughters. I'll keep you posted, photos later.  

Shanae Button

Our Fearless leader Shanae hurt her back and is down for the count for now, but she encourages us all to keep on and to keep moving.  I did just that week! Weeding and painting were tops on my list. Here is the break down for this past week.
Walking = 7.05 miles
Stationary Bike = 12.23 miles
Weights = 7 miles
Yard work/painting = 38 miles
Step Aerobics = 15 miles
Grand total for this past week = 79.28
Total for the year so far = 1186.83

I hope to reach my 1200 miles in a few days and then plan on my mini reward, Lobster! In Butter! All Low Carb!!!!

All in all it was a busy week and even busier weekend, now my allergies are acting up so I took Sunday and rested most of the day.  Body needs to rest as well but only for a little bit.  
 So tell me, how was your weekend?


  1. Yea! You got your garden in. The raised beds look great. ~Wendi

  2. I love raised beds ... they look like they'd be so much easier to work. Can't wait to see the pictures of all your flowers.

    Enjoy that lobster! You've earned it!

  3. I liked what your church did with the give away; I'm sure it was well received! I am also sure you will enjoy your reward of lobster when you reach your fitness goal this time around!


  4. Your garden looks wonderful. Way to go on the miles, that is so awesome.


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