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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project in the works

Don't you love having projects? I know I do and I am rarely bored. I have winter projects that I do when I'm trapped toasty by the fire, inside and the wind is howling, the snow is piling up and temps are in the negative numbers. During those times I do a lot of sewing, knitting, closet cleaning (I do have to tie a line on me in case I get lost in there and can't find my way out).

 But in the good weather, I'm pruning, planting, weeding (a whole lot of weeding!) painting and refinishing. That is what is happing this week. Remember the kitchen do over?

Well, it's still a work in progress and will be done when time, and money come together,  but I have been working on revamping the cabinets to use for other things.

Three of them are on the floor for toy storage: awaiting wheels, door pulls and a top still, but in the meantime, they do the job they are intended for.

The fourth one is almost finished - most of it is painted, stained, frosted, and ready for it's new job.  It's still waiting for a top and the front doors, but it is in it's new place.

This cabinet had glass doors on both side and I didn't want to build a new backing for it, so I finished the doors and frosted the glass and put them on. It matches my "Meme's" side board really well and looks old as well. It will house the "Good Dishes" when I finish with it.  

How about you? Any projects in the works? Share will you.


  1. Wow-you've been busy! Everything looks great!

  2. So very cool! I love your grandma's sideboard. That is a beautiful piece of furniture and the cabinet will be great with it.

  3. you are talented with all the different projects you are working on!! we got lots of ideas for projects ahead once we are on a better budget, but right now it is still declutter, declutter, declutter :)


  4. I love how busy you are with projects all the time. I am rather lazy these days. I am jealous.


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