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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

When you are thinking of painting a room, where do you find inspiration? Do you spend hours looking at magazines for colors you like? Do you look at the rooms in your friends homes? Do you search the internet for what others have done? I've done all of that but I also look at my closet! I look at the clothes and colors that I wear the most because those are the colors I love and want to have around me.

I also look at the blankets and covers I have already so that I can blend what I have into the new room without having to start from scratch. So when it came time to make over our bedroom I opened the closet as well as looked at the quilt that was on our bed.

It was clear that I really like royal purple but would hubby like a purple room? When I went looking for paint, I found "Wild Fragrance" and it had an undertone of gray in it. I got several samples as well as this one, and put them up on the wall to look at for a while. Over the course of a day I began to take some down because they were way too dark, others were way too light, and some looked more like grape jelly (great on toast but not on the wall). I had 5 samples on the wall and "Wild Fragrance" was still up there. It was the color that hubby picked so I was happy. I wanted a high contrast so angel white was picked for the trim.

I'll show you more of the room when I'm done, I'm still painting.

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