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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Made Laundry Soap

Laundry - Laundry - Laundry
This is my life right now.

I have not bought fabric softener or store bought laundry soap in YEARS. Since I'm

doing so much laundry I thought I would share my recipe for laundry soap.

This is it - 3 items! Simple right?

Since my container is large, I use two of each. I bought a cheese grater just for laundry and while watching TV I grate the soap into the container (good job for a helper) once it's all in the container, I toss it around to mix and then use 1 scoop per large load. Easy and it lasts a really long time. This recipe has been around for a long time. I've seen different versions of this on the Internet for years. Maybe you use a version of this yourself! You can add those left over slivers of bath soap too, so it's a great way to use what you would otherwise throw away.

In the liquid fabric softener spot I put just plain white vinegar. Really makes clothes soft and you will not smell like a pickle, I promise!

Dryer balls help to circulate warm air so clothes dry faster, use less electricity, help to soften fibers and these are fun and easy to make. Found the directions here- Dryer Balls.

I've had these same ones for 2 years now!

These would make a great homemade Christmas gift...don't you think?

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