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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weekend Review

How was your week end? Did you visit with friends or family? Travel? Stay in your PJ's all day (love those days). 

Saturday here was busy - filled with house work (still unpacking), playing with our grand daughter, laundry (lots of laundry), and working on a cross stitch quilt for the new grand baby - #4 is due in February!  It was a great day! It was a cool day so I started to dig out my fall clothes as well. My closet is fairly small so I have my fall clothes packed away. I will spend the next few days going through them to see what fits and what I want to keep. I'll share that with you later this week. 

Sunday it was very cool out when I got up. A hot pot of coffee helped to warm me up. Sitting with the baby quilt on my lap also helped as well. We had a great service at church which gave me lots to think about for this week.  I like it when the men change the order of worship. It keeps my attention a lot better and the message today was about one of my favorite topics - prayer. Then we came home to chicken cheese soup. It stayed cool all day and was gray and overcast all day. I think it made it to 64 degrees! Well the fireplace is ready but it's still too soon in the season to light it - so I'm told.

So how was your weekend?

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