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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Bucket List

Have you ever heard of a Bucket List? If not, it's a list that one makes of things they want to accomplish before they "Kick the Bucket."

I have such a list but it's not a formal list of 10 items written down but it is a list that I have. Recently hubby and I had the opportunity to cross off one of the items. In all the years I've lived in the Northeast, I have never been to Niagara Falls. Never been to either the America side or the Canadian side so we put Becke in the car and headed out. New York is an interesting state with lots of fun town names like Rome, Verona, Amsterdam, Corfu and it was quite fun thinking we were traveling the world!

The falls are breathtaking! I loved being covered by the spray. We walked the walking path, took photos, and enjoyed His beautiful creation.  Here are some photos we took.

Believe it or not these are people walking in the falls. 

These boats were giving tours through the falls! Can you see the boats down there?

Becke at the Falls

So I have now crossed off Niagara Falls/American Side off myBucket List.

Oh of course there has to be a "duh" photo!

Do you have a Bucket List? What have you been able to cross off?  

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  1. So glad you got to see Niagara Falls - they are breathtaking! Good luck on your list, lol.


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