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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Unexpected Day

We had the day planned. We were going to get up, be out the door, be at the restaurant, take a hike; all by a certain time. In short, we had the day planned and we were looking forwarded to our day. But it was not to be!

We woke up with sore backs and my neck was so stiff I couldn't turn my head from side to side. It was raining and raw out. We were running late first thing in the morning. We were on our way to Quechee VT and we were running late, we were not going to make it for Breakfast.

When we finally got out the door and to the restaurant, it was closed! I don't know why, there was a sign on the door telling it's customers that it was closed with 6 dates listed and of course one of the dates was the one when we were there.
Instead of being upset that our plans were falling apart, we laughed it off and found an unexpected day.

We found this restaurant nearby and decided to stop in for lunch. The inside was very clean and I really liked the decor

Don't you want to be sitting near the wood stove come winter?
I asked for hot tea to warm me up and got this basket of a large assortment of tea's which I loved! So unexpected. 

So much better than a cup with one tea bag!
It was so nice and warm
We began our meal with sweet potato fries with a very spicy honey mustard which was really good.  Very unexpected.
I had clam chowder which was wonderful and hubby had their signature dish "Shepherd's. Pie". Which he enjoyed very much. So this place was a unexpected find. We never would have stopped here otherwise.


We then went out for ice cream and Becke the wonder dog got a small cone just for her. It was vacation after all. No we don't get her ice cream all the time, but she really deserved it.

Then we walked to the Quechee Gorge  Bridge. We took some wonderful photos of this beautiful place. You can see that the trees are not turning yet, summer is hanging on! We didn't hike down but look at these photos! Just beautiful!

Since I'm Scottish, no trip to Quechee is complete without stopping at Scotland by the Yard. Where you can get all sorts of gifts. We picked up some chocolates and some gifts for Christmas.  When hubby and I were dating, and for many years after I wore a celtic ring. After many years, it became so thin that it was kept in my jewelry box. That box was stollen a few years back and the ring with it. Hubby got me new one.

Hubby and Becke 

An unexpected gift

We then stopped for more Christmas shopping at Quechee Gorge Village and had a great day in spite of sore backs and stiff neck. An unexpected stop at that.

Becke the wonder dog had a great time traveling. She had a bedspread in the back of the car that she would lay on while traveling and when we went into the Motel, the bedspread went on the bed so that her fur would not get on the bed.

In the car

In the Motel room, ready to sleep

So our plans were changed by circumstances beyond our control. We didn't whine about it, we just went with it and in return we got an unexpected day. These are blessings,...recognize them,...enjoy them,...share them.

Ever had a unexpected day? Tell me - I have on my bifocals and I'm ready to read your story. And have an unexpected weekend. See you all Monday

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  1. Lynne Marie, this was a wonderful day! I'd love a rainy day for a nice drive and some sight-seeing. I almost can't remember what that feels like. Hot drink, blanket over my lap... yes. I do remember. :)
    You are on my reader. Of course I'll be back!


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