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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall in New England

First Get the Clothes

Fall in New England can see some strange temps. The day can can start and stay in the 50's all day or jump 30 degrees to the 80's by noon. So how do you dress for such extremes? Well around here it "Layers - layers and more layers".

Winter can be really cold so I get up in the unheated attic now and pull down the fall and winter clothes. The bedroom looks like a bargain basement with clothes scattered all over. Fall, winter, and summer clothes are EVERYWHERE. 

I go through each item of the summer clothes and ask myself a few questions. Does it fit? Do I still want to wear it next year? Is it still in good shape? If I do want it for next year it goes in the attic bag, if not then it goes either in the bag to donate or to toss if they are really worn out.  

This goes for the clothes going into the closet for the fall clothes. Does it still fit? Do I still want to wear it? It should be in good shape after all I asked myself that when I put them away last Spring. 

Then it's laundry, laundry, laundry and can I say more laundry!  Even though I washed the clothes before I put them away, they have been up there in the attic so they all get washed again!

Slowly the bed and the floor are cleared and the closet gets changed over.  I do keep a few short selves shirts after all we will get some warm days still and they can be worn under shirts in a few weeks.

For the clothes being given away there is an organization called "Family Outfitters"not too far from me that helps families in transition and I really like what they do so I will drop off the clothes there. I also shop there as well they have great prices!

I still have more to do in those closets as you can see. Both the shelves and the floor need work. After I'm done with the laundry......

So do you get ready for the different seasons? Do you have to pull out the fall clothes or just add a sweater to what you are wearing anyways. Maybe your closet holds all your clothes and maybe not.  So how do you get ready?


  1. I laughed about your attic comment because I am thinking at last it is cool enough to go up there.
    I like Family Outfitters also; cheaper than Goodwill but I don't go often because I am rarely up that way.
    But, if you have a place to store your stuff until spring the church is having another GIVE AWAY DAY in the spring.

  2. I don't think I had ever heard about switching clothes for different season before I went to college. The downside, our closets stay very full. The plus side, no climbing in the attic! Now I do like to switch my clothes around in my closet so my short-sleeve shirts are near the front in the summer, long sleeved in the front in fall/winter (such as we have anyways!) Does that count? And I do love going through all my clothes and donating to goodwill, makes more room so I can go shopping :)

  3. Sue,
    I though about holding on to the spring items for the Church give away day but if someone can use them now and have them ready for spring for there family I'm all for that too.

    Tiff - moving the clothes from the back of the closet to the front sure does count since you live in the south where 62 degrees is mid winter and clouds make the news broadcast!! :-)

  4. Thanks for donating (and shopping) to Outfitters Thrift Store! We greatly appreciate it as it will help us continue to provide housing and services to homeless families in Manchester and Concord.

    thanks again!


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