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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

This is what I woke up to this morning!  Notice the "Feels like" section -18!
Of course the dogs wanted to go out to "go" so I opened the door and both went down the stares did what they needed to do and ran into the house. Then they got back on the bed to warm up!

Baby, it's cold outside!  We have the pellet stove going to keep the inside nice and toasty. At work, we all have little heaters under our desk to help there as well. These are days that I wish I had car seat warmers but the car heat works really well.

The news is all about the weather, or lack of it... We may get up to a plus 16 but it will still feel well below 0 all day with the wind. I have fleece lined jeans, and long Johns to help with the cold. Head wraps and scarfs to breath through are a must. Frostbite can happen in 10 minutes! 

Baby it's cold outside so please keep pets inside! At day care where August goes, they have an inside play room where the dogs will play today.  Becke will stay in my office and I will hover over the small heater.  This time of year my heart breaks when I see a dog outside, or hear about a pet who got away from their home.  I can't image how cold and scared those little ones must be.  

And to top it off there are still people in NJ without power from "Sandy".  Can you believe that! All this time later and still people are there without power. 

So stay warm, bundle up and please, if you are in a place where it's also cold, get your pets inside.


  1. BRRR...I'm freezing just thinking about it! Stay warm and cozy!

  2. I've never heard of fleece lined jeans. Must be a northern thing.

  3. I can't imagine being stuck outside in weather like that! Stay warm.

    PS I've already mentioned to Ed that he should keep his knife on a chain :)

  4. Our local tv has been all atwitter for days now about an arctic blast due here in North Carolina. Supposed to hit overnight with sleet, snow, and freezing rain - a bad combination.

    It's been cold this week with wind chills making it feel like the teens outside. For NC, that's cold. And for me, a transplanted hothouse flower, it feels way too cold walking my little dog outside. Like Lynn Marie, I'm wearing flannel lined jeans these days and my little dog is wearing his quilted jacket when we venture out.

  5. It's cold here too, but we're staying pretty warm. My dog loves it outside, but I still don't let her stay out too long when its like this.

  6. That is cold! I didn't know that there were still people without power. God Bless and saying my prayers.

  7. Wow, still without power. That is incredibly sad in our country that months later there is still no power there.

    do stay warm indeed! I called the police one time on a family that had their dog outside in extreme cold when we lived in Montana. The dog was barking and I knew they were home. Strangely after the police stopped by, the barking stopped (I'm sure they took the dog inside or at least into the garage).


  8. After seeing your temperatures, I won't complain about ours. But I still wish I were in St. Thomas where it was 81. ;-)


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