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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge:

Poor Joyce has been under the weather and yet she still pulled together the questions for us all.  So answer here but also stop by Joyce's blog and wish her well.

1. The popular saying, 'All is fair in love and war' is originally credited to English writer John Lyly.  Is he right?
I don't agree. I don't think that anything is fair, sometimes you just have to let go. Do I want to force someone to love at any cost? NO! I want them to want to love me.  Free will is a wonderful thing.  Do I want to win a battle no matter what. NO! Sometimes we just loose.

2. Are you a cereal eater?  What's your favorite kind?
No, cereal is pretty high in the carb department. I also grew up not being able to drink milk so cereal was out of the question.  I do sometimes like oatmeal, also high in carbs hence the "sometimes," and I now use almond milk which is good.

3. A five year old in Pennsylvania was recently given a ten day school suspension for talking with a friend about shooting one another with a Hello Kitty Bubble gun (the gun blows bubbles).  She did not have the gun with her at school.

A psychological evaluation was also ordered and the incident was recorded on her permanent record.  The suspension was later reduced to two days and her parents are suing to have the incident removed from her file. Your thoughts?  (If you missed the story click here for details).
This is just stupid! Really, it's a bubble gun people and she's 5 years old. She has no understanding about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School and she didn't even have the toy with her!  This will stay on her school record for the rest of her school life?  How stupid, let kids be kids...please!!!!

4. Whatever happened to:  COMMON SENSE -    (see #3?)

5.  January 23rd is National Handwriting Day, billed as a day to reacquaint yourself with a pen and pencil.  Do you like your handwriting? Do you prefer to print or write in cursive?  This date was chosen because its the birth date of John Hancock. What's the last thing you signed your name to?
I do like my handwriting. When I went to school we would all line up at the black board and practice long hand. It was a method called the Palmer Method of writing.  We also had lined paper with a solid bottom line and top line with a dotted line in the middle so you could write the large and small letter correctly.  I now use a combination of both cursive and print most of the time if I'm in a hurry but if not, then I use just the cursive and most people tell me how pretty my hand writing is, others (a lot younger) can't read it because they only know how to text.

6. Speaking of John Hancock...ever been to Philadelphia? Do you have any desire to visit the city of Brotherly Love?  
I have never been to Philadelphia but I would like very much to travel to visit the city.

7.  Share something funny you've heard a child say.  
Well, it's not funny but when my granddaughter says to me "You're the best Granny EVER!!" And wraps her arms around me, I smile.  That just makes my day-week-month-and-year.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.We are back in the deep freeze. We struggle to get to the 20's but with wind chills, we stay in the single digit's!  When I come in from outside, my glasses steam up and I can't see, it hurts my lungs to breath, I wear a scarf around my mouth and breath through it - hoping it warms up a bit before it hits my lungs.  The dogs wear coats and the little one, August plays inside at day care.  Becke stays in my office.  So, I long for spring and that is my random thought. 

Ok so now it's your turn.  


  1. Your answer to #3 was spot on and I couldn't agree with you more. Kids need to be kids! I really love your answer to #7...so very sweet! I look forward to the day when I become a grandma...can't wait!

  2. Love the #7 answer-when those little arms go around my neck-my heart just melts. Have a good day.

  3. You hit the spot with #3. I would like to shake the adults in charge sometimes and say "really, do you remember what it is like to be five?"

    I am patiently waiting for spring. Well, as patient as I can be.

  4. Sweet answer to #7. I'm really enjoying reading the answers to that question this's morning. Stay warm- its frigid here too and there are still many without heat as a result of Sandy.

  5. Brrr...I don't know how you stand that cold! It's a mere 32 degrees here and I'm freezing!

    I tried Almond milk, but just couldn't make myself like it. Even my cats wouldn't drink it.

    Stay warm!

  6. I love the kid stories. I think being the "Best Grammy" is the perfect award.

  7. What a sweet thing your granddaughter said Lynn! I know that warmed your heart (which is a good thing something warmed your heart with those cold temps!)

    I think I learned the same handwriting method you did; I remember practicing for days how to make the perfect circle. I guess it was helping us to build up muscles in our hand and fingers and control. Now I can barely read what I write sometimes :)

    stay warm!


  8. I enjoyed stopping by and reading your answers. I bet it does make you smile when your granddaughter calls you the best Granny Ever, how sweet!

  9. Great answer to #1. There is a new low carb cereal out but I don't think it's available in the stores. I haven't tried it yet but I do love my unsweetned almond milk. Burrrrr....hope it warms up soon for you.

  10. How sad that, along with grammar and punctuation, handwriting is also going out the window in this world of electronic communication! : )

  11. Excellent answer to #3 and #4. I agree, I can't wait until spring either. It's very cold here this week too, but at least the sun is out.

  12. Such a sweet little granddaugter! Sounds like she love her granny!! Enjoying reading everyones post.

    Sharon @Sharon the Moments


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