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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Weekend that Defrosted

After being colder than Alaska, we finally got our January Thaw!  It got up to the high 30's! 
Now I know that for you "Southerners"that may not seem very warm at all, but we were in the teens with wind chills bringing it down to single numbers and some time into the negative numbers.  So temperatures in the high 30's is simply Balmy!

It's not cold enough to open windows and air the house out, but it was warm enough to turn off the pellet stove and take off the gloves and earmuffs.

Saturday was mostly a chore day. One of those days where you run around getting all the shopping done, the laundry done, the house vacuumed and all other things done. It was a very productive day and I fell asleep knowing that I had done a lot that day. The house looked as clean as it smelled.

Sunday saw a great  worship service,  oven roasted chicken with oven roasted veggies and baked sweet potato fries, times with friends at our small group and FOOTBALL.

Football is HUGE in these parts. Not just regular football, Patriot Football. So after our small group there was a football viewing.
This is one of those times when I really feel like I'm not a true New Englander.  You see, I have never understood football.
I've gone to high school games and ended up watching the the crowd.
I've watched football on TV and find myself watching the commercials.
I've asked questions about the games and never understood the answers.
1st down - 2nd down - 3 down - 4th down.  If you don't get 10 yards, you start again... it all becomes a blur and "Blah, blah, blah.........." and I give up.
I find the game long and it has a lot of time outs to ask questions or trade players because they are tired, or someone else has to play now.... I give up!

I joke about not being a Yankee but at times like football season, I really do feel out of it.
I didn't hang around for the game, I came home and let the party continue without me. I know that they'd have more fun without me asking all the silly questions.  I love them too much to ruin their fun.

Besides I really wanted to watch "Once Upon A Time"
I really like this show. I am always amazed at the story line and keeping up with the characters lives.  Are you watching this show? Who do you think is the father of Henry? I have my suspicions.....I hope I'm right.

I got to watch the show curled up under my new blanket - made for me by one of my Christian "sisters".  I wanted something colorful, loud, girly, bold, reminding me of spring and summer and extra warm. I got all of that, don't you agree?

So how was your weekend?


  1. Glad you had a "warm up." Saturday it was beautiful and in the 60's here. Crazy! Today the high might be 30. At least I had a taste of the warmth!

    Have a great day!

  2. I need to watch Once today during lunch. I'm so glad that they put them online. I'm not sure who Henry's father is. Maybe a character that we haven't seen yet?

  3. I'm not much of a football fan either. It makes no sense to me...I began watching "Once Upon a Time" this season, after watching last season's recap. I don't know who Henry's father is.

    Glad you're getting a little break from the extreme cold :)

  4. Its been cold, cold around here! Frozen rain on Saturday night and its still stuck to everything! Love the blanket! I have been making them for all my relatives. Time to make one for myself! Stay warm, I here the colds coming back!!

  5. I love your new blanket. I don't understand football either and I ask all those same questions. Still don't get it either. :)

  6. I like that blanket!! Glad you had a bit of a warm up! I don't understand all the intricacies of football plays and penalties, but I get the game with downs, etc. (taught it myself just watching). Never watched Once Upon a Time but have heard good things about it; might have to catch it sometime!



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