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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My voice is back....and just in time.

Thank you all so much, I am feeling better and after a day of drinking tea and sucking on lozenges, I have my voice back.  My doctor (Hubby) and the 2 nurses (Becke & August) have taken very good care of me and helped me recover from whatever I had.

 Just in time too because tonight I am giving my annual lecture about getting our pets ready for emergencies.  Over the past few years, I have given a free lecture about winter emergencies and what should be in an evacuation kit. It's something that I feel very strongly about.  I bring my dogs' kit and show just how much they need to have ready and so it's important to have it ready now, because when the emergency happens, that is NOT the time to start to gather everything together.  We have it ready to put in the car and go!

Now up here we don't see many tornadoes and we don't have a lot of hurricanes, but we do get ice storms causing trees to fall on power lines and those can kill power to our homes for days or weeks and for those reasons, home owners need to evacuate.  If you have to leave your home, so does your pet.

Are you ready? Do you know what to have ready in order to care for your pet away from home?  Do you know what human foods and what house plants are poisonous to your pet? If you and your pet had to evacuate from your house, could you care for your pet someplace else? Do you know where to go?

Well, you can find out by conacting a local Red Cross office and asking them if they are giving any workshops about this topic...or stop in tonight from 7-8 p.m. at the All Dog's Gym & Inn, in Manchester, NH, to hear me give a lecture. I have hand outs!!!


  1. Your post gives pet owners something to think about. Preparation is always the best! We are lucky to have friends and family who would take us (including our pets) in.

    1. Tami, I'm so glad that you have friends and family who will take you in, but do they also have dog food for your dogs? do they have dog beds for your dogs to sleep on? Do they have your pets meds (if they are on meds) or extra water for them? You still need to come to their home prepared.

  2. So glad that your voice is back (just in time!) and that you're feeling better.

  3. Glad your voice is back. Hope lots of people will come out and here your message tonight.

  4. Glad your feeling better. No I am not ready!


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