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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Review

I really am a morning person so when Saturday morning came at 4am, I just got up. I didn't get dressed but I did get to cleaning.  I love to light some candles and clean up. Since our kitchen really needed  it - I started there.  Working from one end and moving all around the room it was clean and fresh in no time and candles (coffee scented) made the kitchen smell great.

I did discover, however, that there were HUGE dust bunnies under the sideboard.  Since August doesn't shed, that leaves our wonderful Lab Becke to blame.  I must vacuum or sweep up enough dog fur to create an entire dog every week!

I love my Lab, but oh boy does she shed!
Year round!

I also cleaned other parts of the house, but I bet you did as well.

Saturday night I had a date. I like dates. Hubby took me to see Les Miserables. I have just one word for it.   

Go see it. Go see it again. When it comes out on DVD Go buy it.

It's amazing.  I must admit that I've never read the book, or seen any of the other movies by the same name, nor have we seen the live production so I had nothing to compare this too. Yet I laughed and cried and covered my eyes during a few scenes. 

There has been some talk about the singing and I will admit that Ann Hathaway and Hugh Jackman are not opera singers, but for me they have a rawness that came through and the emotion that matched the scene and it works!  There is something about someone in the process of dying with perfect pitch that falls flat. We need the broken voice and flat sound to make it more real.
The costumes are colorful, and just fit the period and life status of the characters.
The scenery at times was breathtaking and at other times heart breaking. The poverty of the times jumps out at you.  I loved it all and was surprised by much of it.  
I have put this on my "Must Buy" when it comes out on DVD.  
Thank you love for a wonderful experience and great company at the movie.

Sunday was full of worship service, food shopping, cooking and relaxing. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you are ready for the new week.  It's back in the deep freeze for us, with temperatures starting out in the negative numbers and most days not getting much higher than the teens!  I better bundle up!  Spring is only 57 days away after all.


  1. I've seen the theatrical production of "Les Miserables" and I loved it...I really need to see it at the movies because I've heard so many positive things about it. Love the music!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'll have to check out your movie recommendation when it comes out on dvd. Happy Monday!

  3. I bet it felt good to get the kitchen cleaned up like that; Koda too sheds year round :)

    I have heard wonderful things about that movie; must go and see it I do think!

    stay warm!


  4. I loved the movie. I've seen the play in London, and it's fantastic, but I almost enjoyed the movie more. So well casted!

  5. I love the picture of your kitchen. Looks so nice.

  6. I love a clean house but I am not a morning person when it comes to cleaning :) We had two yellow labs years ago and yes they do shed like crazy. I will be seeing Les Mis soon. I have a bunch of movies to see before the Academy Awards!


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