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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Week and News Years Day

I hope that your Christmas was perfect!  I've been reading a few blogs and it sure does look like you had a wonderful time.
We sure did. It was just busy enough to be enjoyable and not so busy that we were worn out from it.  Gifts were opened and enjoyed, cards were shared, cookies were eaten, food was delicious and left overs were enjoyed for a few days. Some of the food never made it into us as we just ran out of space in our stomach.
The tree is still up and so are the decorations, they will start coming down this week and by the week end will all be back in the attic.
The dogs enjoyed their toys and cookies stuffed in their stockings and we enjoyed all the pictures of grandchildren and gifts as well.

Then we got snow!  No, not on Christmas day - that turned out to be a green Christmas, 2 days later - 7 inches of it, heavy wet stuff.  Hard to shovel but the dogs loved it!  Becke has no problem moving in 7 inches of snow and just plows through it to get outside and do whatever she needs to do. August has learned to cope. He "swims" on top of the snow to get to do what he must do.  He tries to follow Becke's foot prints but he's just too little and she is just too big.  So he swims across the top of the snow and sometimes hops over it.  He is so funny and he LOVES the snow. One issue is that he comes in covered in snow balls. We have to put him in the sink with warm water to allow the snowballs to melt and then we dry him and then comb out his hair and then he needs to go out again and it starts all over.
After consulting other Chinese Crested Powder Puff owners on FB and his breeder we are going to try coating his hair with Milk Oil to keep the snow from clumping in his hair!  We hope.

Hubby shoveled a path for him, but like all small dogs, he doesn't take the path laid out before him and instead, makes his own path.  Silly dog!

Saturday night we got more snow.  Not a lot (another 4 inches) but after what we already had, it was just  more stuff for the dogs to plow through. In fact in all we got 11 inches over 3 days and August is 11 inches tall!!

2012 is all done and I am glad it is. It had turned out to be a pretty hard year.  Not just for us but for the country as well. The shootings in CT were just one of the things that happened to us as a country this year.
I hope and pray that 2013 will be a much better year.

Do you make resolutions?  To loose weight? Get healthy? Exercise more? Pinterrest less?  To not make any resolutions this year?  Whatever it is, I hope you can achieve it with grace and humor. My resolution is to face whatever happens with grace and humor.  I'll let you know how that turns out.

Here is the video of August plaing in the snow before it got way too deep for him.

I hope you can see it.

If not, try here:   http://youtu.be/jsZfYeBE68E

So have a Happy New Year everyone.  If you're going out, stay safe, don't drink and drive, or text and drive.   If you're staying in, have fun.


  1. I saw him! ;-)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Grace and humor will get us through much of life's difficulties. Praying that you will have a blessed 2013.

  2. No resolutions here! Happy to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas. I will start taking down decorations next week but the trees may be up a little longer. I can just imagine the snowballs on August. Love the video. 11 inches of snow is a lot! Happy New Year....


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