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Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

Like most of us in the Northeast, it's cold, down right bloody cold!  Temps are in the single numbers with wind chills well below zero. This morning (Sunday) it's 5 degrees.  5!  Luckily there is no wind chill at the moment.  Yippee!!

That makes it too cold for snow to land and pile up so there is not much on the ground and nothing to shovel but boy is it cold!

Still, the dogs need to be cared for.  August needs a bath at least every other week so this weekend, he got one from me.  I didn't go to into the office on Friday so his regular groomer didn't get a chance to get to him. But she is so generous with her time, she showed me how to shave him and since I have the shampoo here at home, he got a full bath.  He was not happy!

In good weather, he can run around outside to zoom dry, but not when it's -7 with a wind chill of -24. So he runs around the house trying to zoom dry.  Then he hides.  Funny thing is, he hides on top of me between 2 blankets.  Silly boy.

But once he's all dried and brushed out, he looks so handsome.  Don't you agree?

My tools for every day are these.  A slicker brush, letter opener (that woks perfectly as a mat splitter), Greyhound comb and Detangle spray.  Since August has a soft coat, and it's hair not fur, I never comb him with dry hair.  A light spray is all I need to keep his hair in place.

For those of you with pets who need grooming, what are your "go to tools?"


  1. He does look great! Lots of work though, but worth the effort. Before we lost Koda, our "go to tools" for grooming was the vet's office for their grooming services :)


    1. Dropping of at the vets for grooming services is a nice and easy tool to have.

  2. Like August, my Remy has a soft coat which has to be dampened slightly before I brush or comb him because his silky coat could break if groomed dry. I put a squirt of his conditioner into a spray bottle of water and I use that to spritz his coat.

    My go to tools are a small pin brush, a comb similar to yours, and a small pair of snub nosed scissors to trim Remy's feet and the fur between his paw pads. My favorite though, is an enzymatic shampoo that cleans and brightens the white parts of his coat without bleach.

    My secret to Remy's super shiny coat is spraying him with diluted white vinegar after all the shampoo and conditioners have been rinsed out. This final step removes any remaining soap residue. He doesn't smell like a salad either.

    1. Anu, I learned a long time that your dogs always look stunning! The work you put into them pays off because Remy looks like a super model. I know also that once you and the dog get into a routine, it's really easy. Daily care for August is about 5 minutes of brushing. That's it. Easy Peasy. I use the same shampoo as you sometimes and other times I use Wen for Pets. I really like the way they work.


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