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Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to store grooming supplies

There are lots of things a person can use to store your grooming supplies.  Some use a drawer in the bathroom, others use a basket to hold the supplies, while still others have an entire room dedicated to grooming their dogs.

Me, I have one of these to hold my supplies.

Each draw holds supplies for both dogs.  The top carries what is needed every day while the bottom holds what I use every other week.

The top has the combs and rakes and mat splitter and scissors that are needed for either dog.  The red Zoom Groom and the Blue Rake are for Beckke.  Most of the other stuff is for August.

The dryer is perfect for both dogs.  I can either place it  in its holder and aim it at August who is on the table which allows me to  blow dry him and brush him at the same time or I can hold it over Becke and blow her dry while she stands on the floor. 

This attaches to the table in the kitchen and helps hold August in place while I work on him.  It stores behind the cabinet, out of sight until I need it.  

What do you hold your grooming supplies in?


  1. Mine are in a wooden "basket" my dad made.

  2. Yours is a terrific system which tucks perfectly into that small space. Right now Remy's grooming gear sits on top of a small dinette table I've repurposed as my dogs' grooming table because I don't have a peg board up yet.

    Typically, I have a peg board mounted on the wall above the grooming table where I hang up brushes, combs and other gear I can grab fast. I don't use a grooming noose.

    Since my grooming table here is in the garage, I keep my grooming scissors and nail trimmers in a sparkly zip bag I got at my local dollar store.

    1. I like the idea of repurposing a small tabe for grooming. I love the peg board idea as well and since your grooming center is in the garage, it's fits right in and will great once you get that up. Good choices.


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