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Monday, January 5, 2015

What to do when you're home sick.

Well, Craft of course.

When I wasn't coughing up both lungs and all 10 toes, I was crafting.  After all it was Christmas time.

I made some body pillows for the grand girls.  You've seen them I'm sure on Pinterest.  Basically you take 5 pillowcases and sew them together, stuff them with pillows and you have a body pillow.  Since I couldn't find 10 "Frozen" pillowcases, I made the pillow cases for both grand girls, then Hubby went shopping for 10 pillows to stuff them with.  Here is what the finished product looked liked.

It touched my heart that both girls used them to sleep on the floor for a few nights and loved them.

The other thing I did was create a better way to hold on to August's rompers.
What's a romper?  It's play clothes for a small dog to wear either as jammies or to play outside in the winter and stay warm.

August goes to day care every day with me and while I work (with Becke in my office as my office buddy) he plays.  If the weather is really terrible the small dogs will play inside with the door to the outside open  so that they can go outside to "go".  So the inside room is just as cold as the outside.  If it's not too terrible, the small dogs play outside even in the winter.  Either way, August is cold so he has play clothes to wear out there.

I've bought a few outfits but made most of them.  There is a child consignment shop in the big city and I get either 6 month or 9 month size outfits and adjust them to fit his "boy parts". T-shirts are often onezeeze with the snaps cut off and then hemmed.  Easy!  His one pants and tops are often just that, a top and pants sewed together, then the middle is cut out for his "boy parts".  It really is easy.

As for storage, I found this doll clothes rack and hung his clothes on it.  It was $6.99.  The hangers, were either hangers from baby outfits I bought for a gift and kept the hanger or one of these hangers from the Dry Cleaners.  Pull off the cardboard, bend to fit the new smaller outfit and hang your dogs clothes.
From this 
To this
2 pieces sewed together
All hung up and ready to find what I want.

Did you do any crafting this season?  What did you do?  How did it work out?


  1. It's great to see you feeling like blogging again! I hope the trend continues :)
    I never thought about converting baby clothes into doggie clothing. What a neat idea, and much cheaper, too!
    I used to be so 'crafty', but, lately, I've lost interest. I need to take some inspiration from you :) Keep up the good work!

  2. That was cute with the body pillows, I can see why your grand kids would have enjoyed them. Almost makes me want to think of doing something like that myself.


  3. You did well with your crafting! I made a burlap wreath for our front door. It was my first try at it and I'm pretty pleased with how it worked out.

  4. I didn't do any crafting but I like the rack you found for his cute outfits. Love the body pillow too, really cute!


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