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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favorite Soup

Do you have a favorite soup?  I don't have a favorite. I just like soup on the days when it's cold, freezing rain, lot's of snow, or otherwise just way too nasty to go out.   This week, it was turkey soup.

Soup is just of of those meals that whatever is in the freezer, fridge or even in a can in the cubboard, it all goes into the crockpot and it all blends perfectly into one yummy soup. It must be the crockpot, right?  It works magic!  I like that.

We still had turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving.  So in the crockpot it went.  To that I added some veggies that were in our freezer, corn, green beans and onions.  To that I added celery, carots, and spices.  Some chicken broth rounds out the soup recipe.  It cooks all day and fills the house with yummy aromas.  Now we had some wonderful Cranberry-Orange-Walnut-Bread that was made for us by a friend and so as the rain came down, and froze to the ground, we had a nice bowl of turkey soup and bread and stayed warm and dry.

What are you making this week?


  1. Sounds really good. Never thought of just using left overs and making some soup in the crockpot!

    1. I grew up with "Firdge Soup". Start with a veggie stock and empty the fridge into it. Cook all day. Guess some habits die hard.

  2. We use a lot of leftovers and make soup too, but not usually in the crock pot. Always comes out delicious. Today I'm making a chicken noodle soup not from leftovers, but you are right, nothing like a good warm bowl of soup on a cold day. Now that it is just the two of us again at home, we are starting to eat healthier again. When son lived with us, we tended to eat more pasta, which we are getting away from, which is a good thing for the hips :)



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