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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making Your Home a Haven: Breakfast

Most mornings, when I leave the house for work Hubby is still sleeping.  I want him to know that I love him and thought of him. So what do I do?

I make him breakfast and put it in the microwave, I know that he will be up soon so I'm not worried about it in there.
Walnut Apple Oatmeal will be a welcome warm treat on a very cold and rainy day.

I also leave him a little note on the chalk board 

He sets up the coffee pot for me the night before so all I have to do is hit the "ON" button while I'm getting ready for the day.

Simple? Sure is. Appreciated? You bet and it's another way to make our home a Haven for my family.
What did you do today for your family?


  1. So nice! Sounds like you have a good relationship - one that I must say - I've never had. JEALOUS!

  2. So sweet! I had to chuckle when I saw this post because my last post was similar! Yay for husbands to love and cherish in simple ways! =)

    I still love that homemade chalkboard and have that on the back burner to do. =) I have a pan that is ready!

    Blessings to you and your hubby,

  3. So nice what you do for each other ... such simple ways of saying "I love you" that mean so much.

    Although I have to say that the idea of having to get up and go to work while DH was still sleeping is why I opted to retired 3 years ago when DH was offered early retirement. ;-) So we retired together!

  4. Such simple joys!

    Today I am doing laundry, cooking B.B.Q. ribs and making a special salad.

  5. How nice of you! It feels great to have someone show how much they love you through the little things. :)

    Enjoy your day! ~ Wendi

  6. How sweet you are. I haven't done enough for my family so I definitely have to change what I do!

  7. That is so sweet you make breakfast for him before you go to work and he makes coffee the night before! Love your chalkboard too!

    Now that hubby isn't working and home for breakfast, I get the things out for him to cook his breakfast (he cooks, I just get the ingredients out for him; I usually make something different for myself that doesn't involve cooking). So I'll get the egg out, cheese, bread, etc. Prep for him, I guess.

    have a good weekend!



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