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Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow Day We Are Out of Power Hope To Be Back Soon


  1. When I read about the snow hitting New England, I wondered if you were getting any. I hope you get power restored and back to normal soon.

  2. Hope you get your power back on soon! Stay warm!

  3. Stay safe and dry! We have about a foot and a half but have kept our power. We lost tv, internet and phone service but all are back on now. No school here today. It's nuts!!

  4. So sorry you are out of power, I can't believe this snow storm! Take care and stay warm, I hope your power is back soon.

  5. Ugh... I couldn't believe how bad the snowstorm was. Hope your power is back on soon and that you are staying nice and cozy! ~ Wendi


  6. Oh no! But good you have your emergency kit! Stay warm as you can and hope the power comes on sooner than later!



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