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Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Review: 50 is good

Warm Pumpkin muffins for breakfast - I do enjoy Fall!

   Hubby and I are in our late 50's. That puts all of our closest friends in their 50's as well. Some are younger and others are not.  This weekend another friend joined the ranks of "50!"so his loving wife put on a great BBQ/party for him.  The sun came out, the temps went up and we partied welcoming him into the unique club of 50 year olds.
   Now that I am in this club it's funny to me that 50 does not feel so old. Oh, there are days when my hands hurt and my back is sore and some parts of me creak every once in a while, but for the most part, I don't think about my age until I see it on something like a doctor's report.  How about it out there - do you feel your age?
   I remember thinking that my grandmothers were old, looked old, dressed old, walked old, talked old - but I don't think that at all about me. Hmmmm! Maybe it's just that I hang around with old folks and we are all doing the same thing.  Must be the company I keep.
   Sunday, after a really good worship service,  we got to play with our beautiful and smart grand- daughters who keep us moving, keep us on our toes and keep us young.  I love our time with them and I am always impressed by the wonderful job our daughter and son-in-law are doing raising such great girls.

   As for my personal challenge, I was able to get in 53 miles this week, which I was very happy about since I had an asthma attack that put me down for a bit.  I did go to work but I was very tired and had to take my time getting anything done.  So I'm up to a total of 2360, that leaves just 40 miles.  If my lungs hold out and the weather stays cool, I'm hoping this is the week I reach my goal!
   I hope that you all had a great weekend as well and are ready to be your best this week.


  1. Like you my body sometimes feels 40, but in my heart I am still 25! I remember my dad turning 40 and thought how old he was! ha! As I get older I see that it is only a number.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I'm 60 and this birthday was the first one where I had to acknowledge that I'm OLD. However, other than a few aching joints and the inability to go as hard and as long as I used to be able to, I don't feel old. I think age is all a state of mind. ;-)

  3. I joined the 50's club two years ago. I DO NOT feel old. I don't think I feel any different than I did when I was 20 - a little wiser maybe. I remember thinking my grandmother was ancient - amazing how your perspective changes.

  4. It's only when the arthritis in my hips and knees bother me (which has been a lot lately) that I feel my age - 58.

    I also feel my age keenly after every Zumba class. But I know that Zumba does me more good than harm, so I just strap on my new knee brace and huff, puff and sweat through two hours of great cardio weekly and lots of laughs.

    I also know that my complaints are minor compared to yours and those of my sisters', both younger than I, as you are. So I try not to piss and moan about my creaky hips and knees too much. I'm grateful I can do Zumba at all, which keeps me in shape to walk my new puppy every day as well.

  5. @Joyce, you said it girl! 50 is the new 30! Love that.
    @Anu, I know what you mean about Zumba being a real workout! I really feel it after class but boy do I sleep well that night (or pass out, not sure which) and I love still walking my 11 + year old girl and playing with our grand daughters - they help me feel young.
    @My Kid's Mom. welcome to the club. It's all good here and we are all friends.
    @Kathy...Better known as Nana, 60 is the new 40, remember?
    @Wendy, you are the baby in this group!

  6. Those muffins look delicious! I'm in my early 50s, hubby and me are the age now that his parents were when we met/were dating/got married. They seemed old, yet I don't feel old or look old, maybe its all perspective, right?

    So neat you got to spend time with your grands!!!

    good job too with getting close to your goal!


  7. I wonder sometimes, with all the aches and pains, how it will feel when we are 90!


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