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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Review: The Gift!

It was not a planned gift. Then again, these things never are. It surely was not a needed gift, nor was it in the short term plans. It wasn't in the long term plans for that matter. Yet, this weekend a gift was given. Given to my Hubby.

The Flu.

Given to Hubby by his doctor.

On their first ever meeting.

How nice!

Hubby's primary care doctor left the practice so he was given a new one and an appointment for a "Meet and Greet".  So Hubby went to meet and greet and to get his blood pressure medication prescription renewed.

Because Hubby has had pneumonia in the past, it was decided that he should get the flu shot. He followed the doctor's advice and got the shot.

The shot then apparently gave him the flu!  Thanks Doc! Nice to meet you to as well!

So we spent the weekend staying nice and quiet. I shopped, he slept. I cleaned, he slept. I went to worship service, he slept.  I watched the 2 best grand daughters in the world, he slept. I took care of him, he rested.  It felt good to care for him. Over the years, I have been the sick one and he had to care for me.  He's a great care giver so it felt good to give him care this time.

Oh on second thought, that is not all he did! He also ran a fever, coughed, had a hard time breathing and took lots of over the counter meds so that he could breath and sleep. He has had the flu shot in the past and I cannot remember him getting sick from it. I really do feel honored to care for him for a change.  It's way over due.

We do not have the same doctor and I checked, mine is still connected to the practice. I am not planning a "Meet and Greet", none needed - thank you.

How was your weekend?


  1. They always say that you cannot get the flu from the shots. Still that's a mighty strong coincidence. I'm so sorry that you have it now, too. :-( Hope you're feeling better soon, and that Hubby is feeling well enough to care for you now. {{hug}}

  2. Sorry your weekend wasn't better. Hope hubby feels better soon.

  3. Oh wow! My husband had the flu shot years ago, and he got sick from it. He refused to take the shot again after that--until this year. Fortunately, he had no ill effects this time.

    I hope your hubby feels better soon!

  4. Oh sorry about your hubs getting the flu-they say a few people get it from the shot every year. Hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. What a way to spend the weekend! Your poor hubby! Glad you were there to help him out!! Hoping he is on the mend so very soon!



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