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Friday, October 21, 2011

Reflection on Reaching A Goal: Part Two

There was lots to learn as I worked towards 2400 miles of  moving. After all some days all I did was  2 miles while other days I was able to log in 10 miles! Walking with Becke, the wonder dog, gave me lots of time to think and pray.

1. I've learned that if I'm sick, I need to stop and rest.

2. I've learned it was OK to stop for a day and rest, but made sure I got going again as soon as I could. 

3. I've learned that I get bored easily so I had to mix up what I did and that it was OK to do that.

4. I learned that it felt good to give away nice clothes that no longer fit.

5. I've learned that I still don't like shopping for clothes even if they are a size 4.

6. I've learned that no matter how long I stretch, I will never be 5 feet 7. (now I never was before but a girl can dream can't I?)

7. I've learned that I need a place to track my progress and to be accountable to someone. The blog was perfect for this! I had the tracker and every Monday was check in day.

8. I learned that it was OK to take a day off, to do nothing, and not feel the tiniest bit guilty for it. The next day, I just continued on. It's the continuing on that's important.

9. I learned to look at both the big picture and the small picture at the same time. The big picture was 400 miles, the small picture was just what I could to towards that today.

10. I learned to be honest about why I was not working towards the goal on those days when I did nothing. Was I taking the day off because I was truly sick, because my body has given out for the day, or because I wanted a "vacation" or was I just being lazy?  

The lessons learned were that sometimes I just needed a day off, but it was harder to get back into it (sort of like some Mondays). It means to look at the big picture and what small steps are needed towards that end. It means that guilt can be a good thing but some things are not worth feeling guilty over, let some things go!  It means to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going. It means that accountability  is a good thing. It means that somethings will never change and that we cannot do the impossible, but more importantly, to know when and what is impossible. It means that there are some gifts that I was not given and no matter how much I want that gift, it is not my gift to have. Let it go! It means that for me, having more ways to get something done, is better for me. I will most likely not give up. It means I am not 100% perfect, but I am still alive and breathing and a better person.

So what if I put all I learned towards a new 2012 goal? What could I accomplish? What goal would I pick?

What would you pick as a 2012 goal?

I'll keep you all posted.

As to my reward for all the hard work, I'll keep you posted on that too.


  1. It's good to assess where you stand, what you learned after reaching a goal. I can't wait to hear what your goal is for 2012 ... and you've encouraged me to be thinking now about what goal I want for 2012. ;-) I can't wait to see how you reward yourself.

  2. You have done so awesome! Looking forward to hearing what your 2012 goal is and what your reward is. You deserve it, whatever it is.

  3. I had to laugh at number 6. My dad would come into our bedroom and pull at our legs. It was just a silly thing when we layed in bed but he said he was making us taller. Well my sister is 5'8" tall and I am 5'2" and shrinking. Guess it didn't work for me!
    You have really done an awesome job at reaching your goals. Please pass me your mojo....

  4. I'll be interested to hear what your 2012 goal is! Whatever you choose, I know you will accomplish it (perhaps several times over and over)! I do think it is good to be accountable to something/someone to help reach goals! Good for you that you found it through blogging and were faithful in reporting your progress!



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