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Friday, April 1, 2011


Yup! woke up to this today - no joke.

more than 500 schools are closed because of this stuff

It's coming down really hard too

It's really heavy and wet!

That little light is the light at the start of the driveway.

Power outages are expected because this stuff is pulling down the trees

Yes, it's pretty,but I think it's going to be a "kitchen day" as Wendi says

Welcome to April in NH

Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh my! And here we were rejoicing that you were beginning to see a little bit of green where the snow had started to melt. :-( What a winter this has been!

  2. Ugh! That is not a good way to start April. Enjoy your day in the kitchen.

  3. April in NJ is not much better : ) We're getting snow too and to that I say ugh! Stay warm and dry~

  4. Hard to believe that it is snowing by you. OMG! We are in the 90's here in California. Have a nice weekend.

  5. oh wow!!! that would not be a good thing to wake up to the first day of April! I echo Debby's comment, living about 70 miles from her, it was warm and sunny here today. Hoping you get a day like that sooner than later!


  6. Unbelievable. We topped 100 yesterday. How could both temps occur at the same time in the same country? :) I feel your pain, just at the other end of the temp spectrum.


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