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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buying Low Carb: Where I Go.

 Strawberry Short Cake from the weekend.

I've been asked where I get some of my low carb products. Well, for the most part I eat real food just like you. Bacon, eggs, butter, steak, hamburgers, salads, heavy cream, all the stuff you eat.  There are some things that I have on hand that are specifically designed for us living a low carb lifestyle. Not all of the things I buy are bought locally because I live in a pretty small town and even the larger city near me doesn't carry some of the items I want so some of the items are bought locally and others I get online.

In my fridge, I have a few Atkins low carb shakes. I can get the chocolate and vanilla ones at my local Hannaford Grocery store but my favorite, the Mocha-Coffee Latte I find at Wal-Mart in the big city of Manchester. I don't have a shake every day but when I'm running late, or am going someplace where I know the low carb choice is lacking or may be limited, the shake helps me to stay full so I can get by on just the appetizer or cold cuts and cheese. So in a pinch, the shakes are great! It's always nice to have a safety net.

I also have a few low carb bars and chocolates in the freezer. Russell Stover carries a line (albeit a small variety) of low carb chocolates and Atkins carries the peanut butter cups I like.  I like dessert! Some days I NEED dessert!

If I'm in a Target store, I grab the Archer Farms Sugar Free vanilla and caramel syrups (I wish they carried the chocolate). Because I'm not there a lot I will pick up 4 of each flavor.

For the other stuff I go to Lindas Diet Delites online store. I get my breads, bagels, chocolate syrup,  Carbquick baking mix and several of my desserts here. The service is great and I get it one day after its shipped. There is an added fee if you are getting perishables because they add in an ice pack. If I'm ordering in the fall, winter, or early spring I don't add in the ice pack but if it's late spring or simmer I do and the ice pack is still partly frozen when I get it. Shipping price is very reasonable as well so you will not get robbed just to get the items to you. You get a tracking number so you can follow your package and Andrew will answer your emails really fast (I think he sits by the computer all day). I really like the company and the website is easy to navigate. If you are thinking of living low carb, check them out. They also carry a large selections of low fat and Gluten free items as well.

So that's where I go to get the items that continue to help me stay slim. With it all written out it looks like I spend all day shopping. I don't. When I go to Wal-Mart for other stuff, I pick up my low carb items -same thing with Target. I keep a wish list at Linda's and when I'm ready I simply move it to my cart and checkout. When I'm at the grocery store, I'm just like you.  While I'm there I add my low carb items to the shopping list. I feel great and with all the extra working out I'm getting in, I can add a few more carbs to my diet ----I think I'll have dessert tonight. 

If you order any specials items online, which web sites do you go to? Have you ever bought your groceries online? Where did you buy them? How was the experience?


  1. You are so good at it. I did good for a few years and then went off the wagon. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

  2. Debby, Thank you for your kind comment. Getting back on the low carb lifestyle is much easier than you think so I hope you make the leap to take charge of your health. I'll be your cheerleader!


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