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Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Review: Really - Spring?

So what is wrong with this picture?  It's a cute mini flag among the flowers and if you look close you will see snow on the ground! Go ahead, enlarge the photo! That's right, Saturday it was 32 degrees and we got snow!  Later in the day, it warmed up a bit and rained like mad!  It was the perfect spring day to go shopping, clean the house (well at least the kitchen), take a nap and work on getting in a few more miles in the fitness challenge.

I did get up to 743.1 miles this week and I really felt good about that!  I'm thinking that I deserve some sort of treat once I get to 800 miles.  Any ideas what would make a good reward?  I'm thinking of a new purse, or a plant for the yard but any other ideas would be welcome. 

Sunday, Easter was a beautiful day. It was mostly cloudy with a 20% change of rain so of course it did rain up our way off and on all afternoon.  We didn't get to be with our grand daughters, there schedule and hubby's need for sleep didn't match up but we still had a good ham lunch and our small group met in the evening.  We are aiming for some grand daughters time on Tuesday.  How was your Easter?


  1. Oh ugh-so sorry 'bout the snow. It is way too late for snow! Perhaps your reward should be a trip somewhere warm and sunny : )

    We had a wonderful Easter...enjoy your week!

  2. Ugh ... snow ... again? Hope the rain melted all the snow away.

    I'm with Joyce ... hopefully your reward is a trip somewhere warm and sunny. ;-)

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  3. Glad you will get to see the grand daughters this week! Sounds like it was a nice Easter, even though Saturday sprinkled a dusting of snow your way! Would happen in Montana when we lived there; snow at Easter, egg hunts in the snow, people making snow bunnies, LOL :)

    good for you for getting all those miles in for your challenge! that is awesome!



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