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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Warning: Freeze Tag is Dangerous!

When I was growing up we played outside all summer, in shorts, barefoot, short sleeves, no sunblock, cheap .99 cent sunglasses maybe, but base ball hats most defently.   We would eat our breakfast and then head outside. Here is a short walk down memory lane.

We got up to watch TV shows like this:

We ate a bowl of cereal like this:

And we went outside to play games like these:
Tag Foot ball

Kick Ball

Hula Hoop

and one of my favorites

We would play until lunch time, then stop just long enough to eat a bologna sandwich. After lunch we would  go back outside and do it all again until the street lights came on. Then we'd go home, eat dinner, take a bath and fall into bed tired and happy.  

Now in the State of NY, at some summer day camp, Freeze Tag is not allowed because it's dangerous!! So what are parents sending their kids to camp to do? Sit around and watch TV? Play computer games and get fat?  No wonder we have a generation of overweight kids. Get them outside and let them play, get dirty and get skinned knee's.  Imagination is great!  Let them be a kid!!!

Ok, My rant is over.  Enjoy your day and tell me about your childhood games! Me, I'm going to go play either Freeze Tag or hide and seek!  


  1. What on earth could be too dangerous about Freeze Tag????? That just makes absolutely no sense!

  2. That is horrible! kids are way too pampered these days.

    sounds like we grew up in the same neighborhood. lol Right down to the bologna sandwiches.

  3. Oh Pahlez! Really what a grave danger. You might actually have some fun that doesn't involve electronics of any type.
    Me well we had a pool in our yard and I think I was in it 75% of every moment I could be. Then there was bike riding, playing in the woods, hide and seek, and pickle.
    I do agree that unfortunately things are not as innocent as they were then and I would never let my child leave at the crack of dawn and return only at meal times. I don't think we can trust that they are okay all day on there own. But I do agree that they need creative play for sure and outdoor play as well.

  4. Mary: I agree that we can no longer leave our kids out from sun rise to sun set anymore (sad isn't it) but while they are out, let them run, fall down, get up and run some more. I remember learning how to ride a skateboard as a young teen and falling down a lot. It was fine! There are days when I miss the "way things use to be" you know, "the good old days!".

  5. I saw this on Glenn Beck this week. Silly! I wouldn't be upset if dodge ball went away. I always hated playing that in gym. Some of those balls hurt!

    Seriously, if they really want to protect our kids from danger lets worry about the sickos that hurt our kids. Its a shame when you have to worry about your kids in their own backyard.

  6. I did exactly the same things, played all day. Sometimes we even played flashlight tag after dark! I agree with you, our youth today don't know the pleasure of playing outside.

  7. I can't imagine Freeze Tag being considered dangerous. Absolutely silly! I think we need to encourage the kids to get out and be active outside and Freeze Tag is a fun way to do so!


  8. Great post! Loving the memories. We used to play army. We had a fox hole dug on the edge of the garden and we'd throw dirt clods at each other. I bet they wouldn't allow that today either. It's a shame!


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