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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge: The Easter Edition

Joyce did it again, came up with questions! Click her button above and join in the fun.

1. What are your plans for Easter Day/weekend?
To be 100% honest, we have not made plans yet. Our daughter had some surgery and she will most likely want to stay home and continue to rest, so we may go over for a bit and play with the grand girls but we haven't even talked about it. We may hang out here.  I'll keep you posted.

2. Besides Jesus, what one person from The Bible would you most like to meet and why?
When I was little, and wanted something in the store, my mother would ask "Who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba?" I never knew who she was so one day I looked her up and then the next time my mom asked the question I quickly said "Yes - because she got what she wanted!" My mother was not impressed.  So IF she is available and in heaven, I would like to meet her.  If she is not then Barnabas because he was the "son of encouragement."

3. What is one modern day convenience you didn't have as a child that was easy to live without?
We didn't have a microwave so that would be my pick.

4. Are you more right brained or left brained? If you don't know what that means there is an interesting little quiz here.
Ok so first I had to take the quiz: the result was Left Brained (55% to 45% Right) but not by much since I cant make up my mind He  he...

5. What is something you intended to do today but didn't? Why?
I intended to cook a big dinner but didn't because Hubby went to bed to get some sleep before he went to work (Midnight shift) so I just had a small something and made him something different and put it in the microwave so he could reheat when he got up.

6. Cadbury Creme Eggs or Reeses peanut butter?
Oh come on!!! Reese Peanut Butter all the way baby! However they don't make a low carb version so I'll take some Russle Stover chocolate, thank you.  (Is Hubby reading the blog today?)

7. Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a child?
Huckleberry Hound, I loved that blue dog! I wonder if that is one reason I love hubby so much, he likes the color blue and he's a cop.... Hummmmmm.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The real reason for Easter! Let us never forget!

Happy Easter Everyone


  1. I guess people drank cold coffee before there were microwaves : ) That's mostly what I use mine for, heating my coffee.

    Happy Easter!

  2. I laughed out loud at your story about Queen of Sheba! Too funny ... and no, I'm sure your mom wasn't amused! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. I love Huckleberry Hound! I almost picked him but Yogi won out.

    Low Carb Reeses...now, that would be the best invention ever.

  4. Hope your daughter is doing well. Enjoy the grand girls. I would give anything to be with family at Easter this year. Guess it will have to wait.

  5. I don't have plans for Easter yet either. While writing this post I realized I have two daughters that live pretty close by and I bet they're thinking they're coming home for Easter dinner....boy will they be surprised.

  6. Queen of Sheba, cute story. Loved all your answers and I agree on the Reeses!

    Happy Easter.

  7. Funny story about the Queen of Sheba!

    The microwave is a good answer. I could live without one, but it comes in pretty handy :)

  8. Huckleberry hound was fun and I love Reese's PB.
    Heck I love all PB things. Have a beautiful Easter.

  9. Skye is better. I just did a post about it and thank you for asking.

  10. Loved who you picked up from the Bible; I've been reading a few of these and your answer was the most original I have read! Hope your daughter makes a quick recovery!

    and yes, Jesus indeed!!



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