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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out With The Long and In With The Short!

Spring showed up here Wednesday! The temperature's went up to the low 70's! I celebrated by packing up MOST of these dark colored, long sleeves shirts and sweaters and replaced them with-

Short sleeved, light colored shirts!  I did keep a few long sleeve sweaters for those "Just-in-case" days where mother nature wants to laugh at me.  But the heavy sweaters, long bulky coats, dark colors, turtle necks, flannels, long johns, knee socks, leg warmers, and heavy duty winter wear have been inspected and either tossed out, donated, or packed away for the attic till some time in the fall.  In it's place are the short sleeve, sleeveless, light colored, swim suit cover ups, shorts, ankle socks, and anything Spring-worthy is  either hanging up or in the dresser!  I love Spring!  We even opened the windows and as I type this sitting on our bed, Becke, the wonder dog is sleeping on the bed under the ceiling fan, which is on!!!!

Are you ready for Spring?


  1. Oh I'm ready!! My closet and drawers still say winter but I have company this weekend and then will be moving my daughter next week so the change over won't happen until after Mother's Day for me. I'm just happy Spring is here...we've even had the ac on a couple of times.

  2. Oh, I'm ready, although my closet looks like it still that I'm not. I'm just cold natured, so even in the summer, I'm frequently wearing a sweater if I go anywhere where I'll be indoors (in the air conditioning). Only when I'm home, with the windows open and spending time outside am I comfortable in short-sleeved/sleeveless tops and shorts. :-(

  3. Nana: Yes I have Raynaud's disease, so if you look in the closet, you will still see some long sleeve tops/sweaters there and there is a sweater that lives in the car for those days, we go someplace where the ac is on. I hear you girl!!

  4. It's good to hear that spring has made it to you at last! I used to pack away seasonal clothes...now I just let them all hang, very crowded, in the closet! LOL By the way, your closet looks much neater than mine :)

  5. I purchased the salt/pepper shakers at Cracker Barrel.

    Glad to hear that spring has finally arrived! Have a great day.

  6. You are so organized. In all my years, even living in Illinois, I have never packed up clothes during the season changes.

  7. yea! so glad the weather finally cooperated so you could wear some spring/summer clothes!!! I bet it felt good to be in the 70s!



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