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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Slob, the Snob, and the Taken!

Long, long ago, in a far away time, in a small city there were 3 people. A Slob, a Snob, and a Taken. The 3 had a class together (OK it was study hall) and so the 3 sat together. The Slob and the Snob talked to the Taken but didn't talk to each other much. See the Slob and Snob didn't even like each other but they had to sit someplace so there they sat, talking to the Taken.

Weeks passed and the Slob discovered that the Snob wasn't a Snob at all, just painfully shy. She didn't like to speak much because she stuttered and was very embarrassed about that. So she spoke as little as possible, hoping to hide and even disappear into the wall. But as the weeks went on, the Snob talked more and more and when she was relaxed, she didn't stutter. And, as it was later discovered, she loved to laugh.

The Snob in turn discovered that the Slob was not a Slob at all. In fact, when the day started, he looked very nice. It was the type of material that his clothes were made from. They wrinkled every time he moved and since no one carried around an iron anymore, well, the clothes just looked worse by the end of the day. There was something else about the Slob, he made the Snob laugh. He saw the world differently than anyone else that the Snob had ever known. The Slob had this wonderful magic power of taking the sad and making it happy. The Slob could take a bad day and turn it into a good day.

The weeks, and months passed and the Slob and Snob were now talking to each other and the Taken was just there, listering to the Slob and the Snob talking (although by now they knew that the Slob  was not really a slob and that the Snob was not really a snob). One day the Slob (who is not really a slob) called the Snob (who is not really a snob) and they talked on the phone for hours. Yes they could talk together with the help of the Taken.

The Slob (who is not really a slob) asked the Snob (who is not really a snob) out on a date and the Snob said "Yes".  In no time at all the Slob and the Snob were dating. They even went to the senior prom together where they got engaged and then they eloped!

YUP - they just eloped. You see the Snob's mother was not too happy and she was making life terrible for the Snob. The Slob's father even tried to talk to the mother, but the mother would have none of it. So with the Slob's father permission, the Slob and Snob eloped.  The age of consent in the far away land back in that long ago time was 18 for women but 21 for men (they were both only 18) so the Slob needed his parent's permission to marry, but the Snob didn't.

The Slob

The Snob

The Prom

The wedding
Did they live "Happy Ever After?"  Well today is their 39th wedding anniversary so far-so-good!

Oh--- the Taken, well back in that far away land, she was taken (engaged to someone else) she married, divorced, married her dream man and is living happily in Alaska. Thank you Debbie for your part in this story.

Happy Anniversary Love - It's been a wonderful journey and I'm so glad that we got together. I'm still laughing at how you see the world. No Where, No Time, No One, But You.


  1. Awww Lynn Marie, what a wonderful story. Happy 39th Anniversary to you and your man!

    Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a sweet story :) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Ahhh...this story never gets old. You are a talented storyteller and in your case, truth is much more interesting than fiction! Love you both.

  4. happy anniversary to your and your husband! I am so glad you still keep up with the Taken too! That is amazing after all those years!

    wishing you both many more years together!


  5. Awww...Happy Anniversary to you and you husband! Another case of "young love" that's withstood the test of time :) I love it! Great story, too!

  6. Happy anniversary to you both! Wishing you so many, many more happy years together!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Love the pictures :)
    So our June 24th, 1972 was just days before your marriage. We are only at 33 because we were divorced and separated for six years. Congratulations on sticking it out. My sister celebrates 40 this year!


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