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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Dangers of Low Blood Sugar

On our anniversary vacation, we went north west up to upstate New York along Lake Champlain and decided to just drive around. At one point, about 3:30 pm it occurred to us that our stomachs were empty and we had not eaten since about 7 am. We stopped and asked where a person could get hot dogs or hamburgers around here. We were told that there were no food places where we were but if we wanted to drive north a bit we would come to Carl's & Clair's World Famous Texas Red Hots. It would be near the water and the staff will come out to you and have trays that attach to your car with your order. Well, that sounded nice so off we went to find it. We drove and drove and finally did find it. People were sitting in their cars and a few were sitting at tables.

We got out to stretch our legs and walk Becke. Well, you can sit at the tables, you can smoke and toss your butts on the ground. You can leave food all over the place but you cannot walk the dog! Dogs are not allowed at Carl's & Clair's World Famous Texas Red Hots.

Low blood sugar won out -  Hubby went in to get us some food and I walked Becke in the parking lot next door. Then put her back in the car and waited. Hubby returned with drinks and to tell me the food was coming. It took awhile.

Let me tell you about Carl's & Clair's World Famous Texas Red Hots.  
It can't be famous for it's food - the hot dogs were boiled! 
It can't be famous for it's customer service, they are rude and don't even smile.
It can't be famous for it cleanness - remember cigarettes butts on the ground - yes; food on the ground - yes; dogs on the ground - NO.

Well it turns out that Texas Red Hots is a hot dog brand and that is what they are famous for.   We ate, because you remember that my low blood sugar was making me, well....let's just say, fun to be around.  I inhaled the hot dogs which were not very good but still considered food (I think) then we continued to sight see and drove about 5 more minutes. 

Then we saw them.  Burger King -  Subways - Dunkin Donuts -  Pizza Hut -  And some Chinese take out place!

Just our luck!

We did find a really nice boat harbor and we walked around stretching, watching the boats, enjoying the day but had to laugh about our choice to stop and try something local - sometimes it's not worth it! But it can be fun! Hubby took the following photos at the harbor.

Becke enjoyed a place to cool off

She likes to splash around

What a beautiful day it turned out to be.


  1. Oh my word--this makes me laugh (sympathetically, mind you!) This would definitely happen to us Apgars. Sugar drops have made me desperate many a time (or maybe Scott was the desperate one, because what husband wants to deal with a wife whose blood sugar has sunk?!!) I'm glad it turned out to be a beautiful day. See, there's eucharisteo in everything! :D

  2. I have to watch ny blood sugar too. Sometimes you just need food!

  3. Loved reading about your week with happy memories and the new ones you're making. And anyone you make "sick" is just jealous of the love you and Gerry share.

    Becke looked terrific (and so did you)!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Gerry with love xox

  4. we learned our lessons years ago about planning when/where we would eat, LOL. We were visiting Medford, Oregon and wanted to drive out to see Crater Lake, about 60 miles away. We didn't bother eating in Medford, thinking we would find something along the way. LOL, we found nothing opened other than gas stations and we just didn't want to eat "junk food". When we got back into town at lunchtime, we were so glad to find the fastest fast food place (Wendy's). Our tummies do sell us out sometimes in making the best choices :)

    but it does look like you had a very nice time, even if the hot dogs didn't deliver :)

    happy weekend!


  5. All the famous hot dog places in Chicago are boiled. My husband still likes them that way only I prefer the grill! Sorry you missed the other places and were stuck eating there. Looks like Becke had a nice time cooling her paws.


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