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Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Review: Summertime and the Living is Easy.

This was our room on our Anniversary Get Away. I always bring a  Becke Blanket so she knows which bed is hers!

Up here in the right hand corner of the USA we had the most perfect weather this past weekend. 80's, dry, a light breeze, and lots of sun.It sure has been easy living up here this past week. I was able to get shopping done and then some yard work weeding the front garden and the veggie garden as well.  Took Becke for a nice easy walk and worked on my coupon binder.

Sunday evening Hubby and I got to share a meal with his brother and wife, who lives only minutes away, but somehow getting together is not easy! So when we do get together, it's a special treat for me.  So we all went out to a local restaurant and had lots of laughs, good food and great company!

Oh and watched all 7 Harry Potters Movies
Because some were on TV
And what wasn't on TV we own
Do you know that the last Harry Potter movie is this Friday?  I have my shirt and scarf and I'm ready to go to see the movie. Are you going to go see it this weekend or are you going to wait a bit for the crowds to die down. Or maybe you have never seen any of them.

I also continued to work towards my 2400 mile goal and did manage to log in a total of 73.33 miles for my new total of 1534.1
The break down was:
Walking 17.97 miles
Stationary bike 16.36
Free weights 10 miles
Yard work/painting 11 miles
Step aerobics/Zumba 18 miles
Now that is the breakdown for the whole week. I do some before work and some after work.
I feel great and although I've not lost any more weight, I am smaller and feel a lot better. And most importantly, I can eat more - I like to eat.....
How about you? What is your personal goal and how are you doing to reach it? 


  1. My girls plan to see the midnight show : ) They have grown up alongside "Harry" I will see it but probably not until next week.

    Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Would you believe that I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies???

    I just read back and laughed about Carl and Claire's...that sounds like some of our luck in choosing a spot to stop!

  4. I love the picture of your dog. I probably won't go to the Harry Potter movie this weekend. I have seen all of them except the last one. I'll probably wait and watch the last 2 when they are both on video.

  5. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love the blanket idea!

    I actually have never seen any of the movies. I might start renting them on Netflix soon though.

  6. Becke looks very content on her bed!! Glad you got together with your BIL/wife! It is hard sometimes to get together even if you live so close with everyone's schedule! glad the weekend's weather was good too for you to get some work done and not be too hot in doing so!! Good for you for your continued good work on your fitness goals!! Truly an inspiration!!

    I saw the first three HP movies. I'm sure the last one will be very popular with people attending it for the first few weeks when it comes out!


  7. You have done such a wonderful job with your weight. You should be very proud of yourself.
    I have only seen a few of the Harry Potter movies. I liked the ones I saw. I will have to get caught up.


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