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Friday, July 22, 2011

Staying Cool when it Hazy, Hot and Humid

This was the weather map when I woke up this morning. It was 82 degrees at 4:30 AM! Yup, I can see that other parts of the country were a lot hotter than us and the local weather man said that we begin to cool off starting tomorrow so we are blessed that it is not as bad as other parts of the country where it will stay hazy hot and humid longer.  We do have the AC unit in the bedroom window so it's cooler there!  Good thing too because hubby sleep days!

So like many, the goal is to stay safe and smart.  If you have breathing issues (and I do) take all of your medicine, slow down your activities -as in exercise in the early morning and maybe change what you do. I've changed some yogurt for the stationary bike riding, dress in light colored clothes and eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. I really like the heat but even I am not completely nuts, ( a little perhaps but not completely) when it comes to this kind of heat, I'm doing everything that I just mentioned. I have 4 meds that keep me breathing and I am using all of them.

 Here is a cool way to enjoy your morning coffee.

I make coffee ice cubes out of left over coffee. I hate pouring coffee over ice cubes and then ending up with coffee colored water once the cubes melts. This way, there is coffee all the way through. The Protein powder helps me to feel fuller, all I added was 1 scoop (1 Carb). Carb Free sweetener, light cream and 2 cups of coffee complete the ingredients.  I used 4 coffee ice cubes for this drink.

Our blender has an Ice Crushing button so add I added everything to the blender and pulsed the ice crusher button a few times and then hit the blend button.

I started with 2 cups of coffee and with the coffee ice cubes and other ingredients I have 3 - 10 oz tall glasses of blended ice coffee!

Because it adds no extra carb, I top my drink with whipped cream. So for all 3 tall glasses I have a total of 1.5 carbs (NOT FOR EACH GLASS - FOR ALL 3 GLASSES-the entire blender full)

What do you like to drink to stay cool and start your day with?
Have a good weekend everyone, stay cool the best way you can and Lord Willing, I'll see you all Monday.


  1. Looking at your map, I see that except for the desert of Arizona, it was not hotter anywhere than where I am! Heat indices for the next couple of days will be in the 105-115 range ... and then we're supposed to get some rain which will lower temperatures by 8-10 degrees. Still hot, but not as dangerously hot. The weather this year has been crazy!

  2. That looks so good. I just wish I liked coffee.

  3. What a great idea! Can't believe it was 82 at 4:30am. We are usually close to 60 degrees in the am.


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