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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garden Update

These are coming in nice. Looking forwarded to eating some of these this weekend

To all my blogging/gardening friends, what is your best way to put up your harvest for the winter?

Tomatoes are still growing but they are not red yet, still we have lots of greens ones.

Our tomatoes are really tall.

Not many green peppers yet but a few.

Carrots growing but I haven't pulled them up yet so I don't know what is under ground.

So what is your best way to store up food for winter from your garden?


  1. We don't have enough to put up for winter...we're more the pick and eat size here. Still so good though! My cherry tomatoes are turning red and we're eating them like grapes-so sweet!

    I love fried green tomatoes-yum!

  2. Fresh green beans...yum! As far as how to put up your winter store it just depends. It depends on the type of veggie and how you like them. For example I don't like frozen green beans so I always pressure can those and I don't like canned corn so I always freeze corn.

  3. Your garden looks lovely. When I see that, I wish we had a garden. Maybe next summer (of course, I say that every summer). Enjoy!

  4. I'm beginning to wonder if our green tomatos will ever turn red. lol Love your garden and it looks like it's coming along nicely!

  5. What lovely photos! You really have a beautiful garden. :)

  6. Looks great! Looks like you have some nice carrots under there.

    I freeze a lot of things. I would prefer to pressure can but lately I just don't have the energy! lol

  7. Wow, the gardens around here have already been harvested. It's too hot for anything to grow here this time of the year.

    I don't can much these days, but I prefer to pressure can green beans, but I freeze my tomatoes after cooking them down on the stove.

  8. Beautiful garden, now what time is dinner this weekend! I love fresh beans!

  9. My neighbor has been growing all kinds of squash, zucchini and cucumbers. She's been kind enough to keep sharing with us. I'm loving all the fresh veggies. We don't grow veggies due to a dog who digs everything up but we do have an apricot and lemon tree and we share what we can.

  10. I have no help on the storing but have a great time eating all your goodies. They look wonderful!


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