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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day In The Life....

This is a real conversation, with real people, who have been married for over 39 years. This is my life......

He hands her the map and the following conversation takes place.

Him: "Here I'm driving so you have the map" - to a woman who looses her shoes almost every day and can't find her way out of the mall. And he KNOWS she can't read a map!

Him: "We're coming up to the intersection which way do I turn?"
Her: "That way" pointing to the right- the really strange thing is he turns right.

Him: "Were coming up to stop sign here."
Her: "There's no stop sign on the map keep going."
He stopped.

Him: "Just past the red barn which way?" 
Her: "Oh I put the map down 5 minutes ago, was I suppose to still be keeping track?" 
Without missing a beat! Him: "It's a good day for a drive." 
Her: Silence with a smile of agreement.

Yes, it was a good day for a drive with the man I love! Relaxing, fun, and we did get lost but we found our way back.  Without the map, which I lost....


  1. Funny! Glad that you enjoyed your drive. Sometimes it is fun to get "lost."

  2. That is too funny! I'm the opposite ... I've always been the designated map reader ... even as a child. Even now, with a GPS, I find myself following along on our atlas.

  3. Oh I can most definitely relate : ).

  4. LOL; been there, done that. That was why three summers ago hubby got a GPS for his birthday! It is soooo much relaxing and less stressful with "Lola" on board (that is what we call our GPS, it was Stella but she "died" so her sister Lola took her place :)

    hubby did his best to try to get me to read a map but I'm so direction challenged.

    road trips though are always fun!


  5. Sounds like fun! You should have seen us driving from Paris to Turin, Italy....


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