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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Towns Tribute to Hubby

Hubby had told the police chief that he didn't want a retirement dinner when he left, so the chief asked if they could at least give him a plague during the town's Select men's meeting. Hubby agreed to that and he and I showed up. Many policer officers, past and present also showed up to praise my husband.  A few town citizens, who were watching it on TV, hurried to the town to also praise my husband. Can you image how proud I was when these people got up to thank him for his service, praise his work and tell stories about the time they did such and such with my husband!

Hubby is the taller of these two men, the Police Chief is the man in the white shirt.

Hubby was thanking the Select men for  giving him the opportunity to work in the town and earn an living. Sorry the photo is shaky, I was crying at his words.

A former co-worker got up to tell stories and praise Hubby as well. Some of the stories were funny! 

This is the plaque that he got. It has 2 badges because the town at first had the 5 star badge and then changed it to the shield type of badge. 

He got several cards of well wishes and gifts from the staff.

Two fruit baskets showed up at our home, I took a photo of this one, but Hubby took the other basked apart to get the fruit into the fridge before he took pictures.  MEN!

It's been a great week, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but everyone agrees that he deserved the town tribute and he deserves a good rest.  Now for some more fun times eating meals together!!! We are simple people!


  1. That is so sweet and special. I'm glad to know police officers are acknowledged for their service. Happy retirement!

  2. That was so nice of everyone! I hope retirement is everything he has dreamed of and more. :)

  3. What a special time that must have been for you and your husband! The fruit basket is lovely, too. Thanks for sharing the photos. May you both live happily ever after :)

  4. So happy for you both. It is a wonderful blessing to be well loved.

    Now on to a new and exciting season of life! I can't wait to read about where it takes you.

  5. What a nice thing they did to honor your hubby. Enjoy your retirement!

  6. What a wonderful tribute!

    The plaque is awesome.

  7. I can only imagine how proud you were. It is obvious that he was well liked and loved. Those fruit baskets are so cool and I bet your enjoying them.

  8. That is so wonderful for your husband. What a great tribute to him. Congrats!

  9. All of our policemen should be so appreciated. What a wonderful retirement. I know you are proud of him. :)

    That wasn't my house... lol. Oh dear, if I had that much stuff, I would go crazy! (The reason why that woman doesn't it because she is very organized!)


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