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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's a girl to do when she loses her voice?

Monday I had a sore throat while at work. In fact I left early because it hurt to talk and my head hurt.  I went home, canceled my after work appointment, put on my pj's and curled up on the couch for all the sympathy I could collect.
                 I don't get sick a lot...
                                ...But when I do, I want to be taken care of...
                                                   ... Just saying!

I woke up Tuesday and although my throat felt better and my head felt better, when I opened my mouth to talk, nothing came out. Well, that's not quite true, something did come out but it was so deep, so scratchy and so terrible sounding even the dog ran away from me and hid. She thought that either I was possessed by Kathleen Turner or I had a voice of someone who had spent the last 90 years smoking like a chimney. Either way, she wanted no part of me.  After all, only a few days ago she was sick herself.  Her voice didn't change and I didn't get sick all over the living room rug so I'm thinking here that I am the better patient.

I called my boss and let her know that I was keeping my voice home -such as it was. She was glad to hear that- well not really glad to hear my voice but glad she didn't have to listen to it all day at work. It can grate on people, I'm told, to be forced to listen to me for very long.  I stayed home and drank hot tea with lemon and cold protein shakes to sooth my throat. They were very tasty and very helpful for soothing my throat but the voice was determined to not return.

Hubby got on Face Book and loudly proclaimed to all of FaceBookdum  that I was not talking to him and he was not in trouble this time. In fact I think he said something about his conscience being clear and rejoicing over the quiet in the homestead. Allrightythen.

But I am not to be trifled with! I found the "Speak It" App and with just a few taps of the keyboard I was once again telling him that I wanted to watch a movie and could not figure out which remote did what! And this time with a sexy British accent! Don't you hate it when you need 3 remotes to watch one movie? Who invented that sort of torture? Some man I bet because a woman would just pop the DVD into the back of the TV and hit play! So where was I? Oh right, my voice...

No more does he hear Kathleen Turner or smokers voice, now he hears this British voice called Lucy gently telling him to please find me ice cream to cool off my throat or I will read him a story about aliens landing in the fire place and I will change the voice on the app to Klaus, a German male!

So I wonder how this app will work next time I talk on the phone or when I teach my class!  I think this could be fun......


  1. Hope your feeling better. I like that you found a voice on the computer, sounds like fun!

  2. So glad to hear Becke's on the mend, if a bit scared by Mom's Kathleen Turner voice (that CRACKED ME UP)! But I digress and this is supposed to be a sympathy note about your laryngitis.

    You did the smart thing staying home and am not suprised to hear Gerry's stopped up with the TLC. Keep up your very smart tea with honey and pjs/movie therapy and you'll be good to go again in no time.

    Feel better soon!


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