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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge: What If.....

1. If you could work for any one government agency which would you choose and why? (if you're in the US here's a helpful list)
No list needed thank you. I would work for Area 51!  Of course it's not on any list, it doesn't really exist but we all know it's a real agency and so I want to be part of it. 

2. How difficult is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize?
Depends on what they did and if it was the first time they did it or the 100th time they did it. I know that God wants me to forgive every time, but the human in me would have a hard time to trust them.

3. What is your favorite meatless supper?
Stir fried veggies over pasta! In fact it was Tuesday's supper.  

4. Wednesday August 10th is National Lazy Day...will you be celebrating? If so, tell us how so we can be lazy too.
I have a really hard time doing NOTHING! I can't sit still very long and it's the reason I get in so many miles towards my personal challenge.  So for me to do nothing, I would have to be tired up, gaged, and perhaps drugged.

5. As a child did you have any special back to school traditions and if so, what were they? If you're a parent did you carry on those traditions with your own children?
A a child we would get some new crayons, pens, 3 ring binder with paper and dividers and maybe a new lunch box. My older sister got new clothes (I got her hand me downs) and we got new shoes.  Since our children were opposite sex the youngest did NOT get the oldest clothes.They both got new clothes, shoes, bags, and the schools would have a list of supplies they needed for each class so we got all of that.  Dinner was always something different and a favorite with some kind of dessert.

6. Write a summer tongue twister.
Joyce Juggles Jam Jugs.  My tribute to Joyce the creator of the Wednesday Hodgepodge.

7. Would you be interested in observing a surgery or do you turn away when the nurse brings out the needle?
Many years ago there was a deaf woman having a c-section and needed an interpreter. I was that person and I was seated by her head.  At one point, she said to me "Go look, can you see the baby" so I got up and looked. It was pretty cool and the doctor moved the skin back a bit more so I could get a good look. I didn't pass out!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
We (and by we I mean Hubby) just installed a ceiling fan in the kitchen. Some of my friends laughed because fans and me don't seem to go together since I like it hot. But I also love moving air (even hot air) around. Thank you hubby for taking one thing off the "Honey Do List".


  1. I didn't know you did interpretation for the deaf. I was involved in that years ago. I love your fan...I'd like one in our bedroom but I love the light fixture we have so am torn. I just hate the super still air at night. A dilemma : )

  2. I would not survive summer without my ceiling fans. They are a MUST around here! I totally forgot about those 3-ring binders! I loved those!

  3. You're a braver woman than I am ... I couldn't have taken a peak during the c-section. Nowadays, they do c-sections while the mama is awake; I was completely out during mine ... and that's the way it ought to be! Even with good drugs, I wouldn't want to be awake during that! ha!

    Forgiving someone is one thing ... being able to trust them afterwards is a whole other story. I believe that forgiveness ought to be granted (with no strings attached), but I do believe that trust has to be earned. And depending on the offense and the number of times that it's been repeated, trust might be difficult (if not impossible) to be restored.

    We had a ceiling fan in the kitchen in our old house. People questioned our decision to put a ceiling fan in the kitchen, but that was an older house ... and with no open floor plan and no heating/cooling vents, that room could get warm in a hurry. That fan helped. Your fan is pretty!

  4. OOOOhhhhh....Area 51. What an interesting choice! You would be sworn to a life of secrecy though, which is something I would find very challenging. I would have to at least tell Hubs ;)

  5. I love this post. Great summer tongue twister too. I am like you - I need to have moving air! Blessings!

  6. Oh, you got to see the surgery that I'd like to see! How cool!

    Sounds like retirement is going good...one thing off the "honey do" list :)

  7. How cool to see the surgery-I would have fainted.
    :) Tongue Twister

  8. Fun answers. Love the tongue twister! And good for you for peeking during the C-sectiuo! :-)

  9. Ohhh...that's a pretty fan.

    Area 51....now that would be really interesting.

    Cute tongue twister...yay for school supplies!

  10. great answers
    great pic of squirrely
    i wish i could have a fan in my kitchen...the ceailing isn't high enough


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