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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Review:Irene

Here is a picture of Hubby after coming in from the rain!  He had gone outside to push on the windows from the outside because I could not get them closed. They are the kind that crank open.   The wind was strong up here but God was good to us and we are all fine!  Irene was a Tropical Storm by time she hit us. 
The wind and rain did however put the state in Emergency Status so the elders of our church canceled all services and told us all to stay home and stay safe.  We did just that!  Some of our friends lost power and while some got it back fast others didn't.  The entire State of NH had about 100,000 people in the dark, but again we were fine. I thank you all for all your prayers and well wishes. It was nice to know that so many were praying for us. 
Trees very close to the back deck
The biggest issue was Becke, the wonder dog, who didn't think it was very nice to have to go out to "do her business."  She saw the rain coming down and she backed up, unfortunately for her, I was behind her and shoved her out saying "You're a Lab, you like water!" She did not believe me and ran under the deck to do - you know what, then back up the stairs and into the house. She was even willing to give up drinking all together if it meant she could avoid a trip outside in this rain.

We spent most of Saturday getting ready. And by "WE" I mean Hubby. This was the first hurricane in our entire 39 years + marriage that we went through together. All of the past rain storms, hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms, wind storms, tornado's and all other weather related issues, he worked! At one time our house was just over the town line and so he would come home to check on us but then had to go back. He was not a police officer in the town we lived in and that made it hard. He was always there at work, keeping the peace and reacting to alarms while I was home with the children and then home alone once the children were gone to live their own lives. So this was the first one we went through together.
He was fabulous!! He spent a few days taking in all the outside furniture, the statues, flags, trash bins, anything that would or could become airborne. He cut down limbs that may become tangled in the power lines, made sure the chain saw and generator were gassed up and working. He got the car gassed up, cell phones charged, extra water ready, extra food ready. He even designed, and built a cover for the generator so if and when it was needed to be put into use, we could have it safely outside in the rain, covered. Because you know that generators are not suppose to get wet, right?  I find that fact very interesting don't you? The generator is ready to take over but if it's raining, you cannot use it because it cannot get wet! When not in use, the generator cover comes apart and fits inside our garage flat up against a wall.

The frame itself over the generator.

And with the cover. The entire thing fits over a pallet and is connected to it.
 He turned down the temps on the fridge and freezer to keep food cold longer if we lost power during the night. It was so nice for me to only have Becke and her emergency evacuation box to get ready. In years past, I did it all.  Then I waited it out. This time, I went to bed and slept so soundly because Hubby was home!  This was so nice.

So as the winds roared, and the rain pounded the deck (and occasionally Becke) Hubby and I took out our fall decorations and put away the summer decorations. After all, the yard was done all ready so the house might as well get ready too.  Now I have more time in the fall that I don't have to use to decorate!

On my personal challenge, I'm up to 1982 miles! Getting closer every week only 418 miles to go! I find it hard to believe that I am almost done a challenge of 2400 miles -a challenge that began with an initial goal of just 400 miles!
How are you doing and if you were in Irene's path, how did you make out?


  1. Our lab is like that too ... doesn't want to get out in the rain. What is up with that? ha!

    Glad that you had hubby there to help with preparations for Irene ... and that you didn't have any serious issues with her. ;-)

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  2. How nice that your hubby was home and even nicer that the storm was pretty mild compared to what it could have been. :)

  3. Glad you all stayed safe and (mostly!) dry. It is a gorgeous day after here...hope you are experiencing the same!

  4. I am glad Becke and both you and hubby were able to stay safe.

    Speaking of getting Fall decorations out I think it will soon be time to get my Fall clothes out.

    Have a great day!

  5. So glad to hear that all is well. I have been watching the news and it's so sad. I hate when these things happen. Looks like you were ready for the storm!

  6. You have a good man! So glad you are all safe.


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