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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Past- As in this Past Weekend!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed being with your loved ones, had lots to eat and had a few great gifts. I hope that you had lots of laughter, some great music and through it all you remembered the true reason for the season. That Christmas was about Jesus Christ.

We started out getting the dogs a groom.  Becke is always clean, she doesn't like to get dirty and stays clean for a long time so she doesn't get a bath too often. In fact, her "before" photos look like her "after" photo. She just feels better, softer, with a lot less fur!
 August on the other hand is just beginning his "adolescent uglies". His body is changing, growing. He is up to 10 inches tall and his back side is taller than his front side.   
August's hair gets matted, the hair on his back gets all straggly and curly and his eyes have tear stains.  In fact he is funny looking, and considering most people think he is funny looking to begin with, he really needed the groom.
Angela takes really good care of him and once she is done, he looks like this.
His hair lays flat, his ears are all cleaned up and so is his face.
The hair on his back lays flat as well. He looks amazing and so people will say, "Wow, What kind of dog is the little one?"  It will be back to funny looking in a about 2 weeks and Angela will work with him again. I love what a great job she does!  

So, that is how we started out Christmas weekend.  More tomorrow. How did you start your Christmas weekend and where did it go from there?


  1. It's good that you all start Christmas weekend nice and clean. ha!

    Having a lab, I know that the before and after pictures really don't change much ... but there's a huge difference on August!

  2. Thank you, it was wonderful. I enjoyed reading the story of the birth of Jesus. They look so cute. Skye got groomed for Christmas.


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