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Friday, December 16, 2011

Grannie to the Rescue

Being a Grannie is so much fun. It's our reward for letting our kids live! Remember  those teen years?  You simply say "Good Morning" to your child and get in return a long story about why it's NOT a good morning at all for everyone.  Those mood swings were terrible and we let them live.  They live because God made them so cute as babies and we remember those days. We let them live because we know it will get better and that there is a reward coming. The reward is grand children!  We have 2 of the best grand daughters live close to us and we get to see the girls almost every week. It's wonderful!!! But I digress.....so where was I going with this?  Oh Yes, I remember now.

Last week I got a message that the youngest didn't have a Christmas Stocking to hang up and could I help. Can I help? You bet.

I went to work. First I had to remember what the colors of the Christmas stocking that I made for the oldest grand daughter so we took off to there house to take a few pictures. Any excuse to see the girls you know.
This is the stocking that I made for the oldest grand daughter a few years ago.  I wanted to make sure that I picked very different fabrics for the youngest ones.

While we were there, we played with the girls and Pepere and the oldest grand daughter played with Lego robots.  What fun to hear her talk like a robot.  She didn't know we were coming and surprised her when we walked in the door. It was great to see her jump up and down and scream in joy at us coming in.  When we left, she cried a little which touched my heart. But we were on a mission.  Off to the store to get what I needed and then to find the time.

August has discovered that if he jumps on my foot while I'm sewing, I will yell and the machine goes faster. So sewing time is limited to when a) he is sleeping and b) when Hubby can keep him buy.  One day after work, he fell asleep and I grab all my supplies and put this together in a few hours.

So Grannie has come to the rescue and now both grand daughters have very different Christmas Stockings.  I am so glad that I have this talent and can make them both happy as well as my own daughter.

YUP! I am Super Grannie!! And I LOVE it.  Have a great weekend all, Lord willing, I'll see you Monday.


  1. Those stockings are gorgeous ... and definitely very different! This grannie has to come to the rescue with a needle and thread, too - usually for repairs to favorite stuffies or clothing. ;-)

  2. My great-grandmother knitted stockings for me and my sisters when we were born. My mother still has them hanging up every year. They are a treasure to hold onto. You are awesome!

  3. Those stocking are really cute. I do crocheted stockings for all the family and make sure they're all unique too!

  4. So nice to meet you, what a lovely blog you have here just love your stockings. I'm new to your blog and have enjoyed looking around, I'm now following you so I can visit you often if you find a spare minute hope you visit me sometime so nice to find new friends. I look forward to keeping in touch in 2012, Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

    Always Wendy

  5. Lucky granddaughters. I agree you are a super grannie. Their stockings are very special.

  6. It came out perfect. How blessed you are to have them and they are blessed to have you!

  7. I can vouch for how talented you are at one of a kind Christmas stocking making. Remember the beautiful one you and I created together for our friend Bec? I know she treasures it, as your sweet granddaughters will treasure theirs sewn for them with so much Super Grannie love!

  8. Cute stockings! So talented to make them both (despite the dog interaction with it).

    Those teen years, got to love them (love that they are over LOL :)



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